Friday, August 12, 2011

What Came First? The Fabric or The Pattern? (Branson, MO)

I'm a little curious about something.  How do you plan your next project?   Do you have a planned project before you buy your supplies?  Or does your supplies dictate your project?

For me, I find the fabric that I have in my stash often makes the decision for the quilt pattern.  For example, I have some fabric with pirates and to me, the perfect block was the Storm at Sea block.  Now I suppose I could have decided on the pattern before shopping for the fabric......but that doesn't seem to work out as well for me.  Knowing my luck, I would not have found anything related to the sea that appealed to me.  For me, the fabric comes first.

Below are older photos of quilts I made for Project Linus.

Pirates - Wind in the Sails (Storm at Sea)

Leftover Alien scraps. I had to do a Star block.

I'm back to working on the Kokopeli quilt.  I was testing visually on where to place my appliqué.  Of course, Dusty had to help me. See that look.  He's telling me he isn't moving.  Every time I tried to pick him up, he moved to a different corner of the quilt. It took a kitty snack bribe to get him off the quilt.  Of course, the other three had to have a snack too.  No playing favorites around here!
Placing the Kokopeli Appliques

I'm using an off-black for the appliqué work.  I'll use the same for the borders as well.
Basted and ready for sewing

I finished uploading my photos to Webshots.  The links are below:
Paducah, KY 
St. Louis, IL


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