Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hanging Around Branson, MO

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So, we have decided to hang around Branson until the weather starts cooling off a little.  Living in a motorhome is great, but it still acts like a solar oven when we don't have full hook-ups.  Along with full hook-ups, this campground is close to shopping and it has cable TV.  I'm all caught up on Eureka.  Oh, and I got to watch the first season of Top Chef Dessert when Bravo did a marathon yesterday.  So I quilted while watching show after show of desserts.  I think I like Top Chef better.  Not much of a variety of food challenges when all they make are desserts.  I was sugared out by the end of the day from watching chefs make desserts.

The cats are enjoying their outdoor visits.  They need to give this kitty some lessons....

Anyhoo...there's not a whole lot going on around here.  Stay Cool!
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  1. At least you are not in line for Irene.
    Enjoy the down time but watch those calories.

  2. Not this time. We have been in the past. We were lucky to come back to a home with all of our evacuations while stationed in Florida.
    I am watching those calories go straight to my hips! LOL!


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