Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A New Member! Mascoutah, IL

Thanks to my brother for showing us around St. Louis and for letting us talk him into adopting a cat!  It all started when we went to PetSmart and saw two very cute cats.  They were both quiet and wanted a lot of loving.  I guess we talked about the cats a little too much.  By the end of the evening, Jay was heading home with a 3 year old cat.  He plans to give her a new name.  "Paine" just doesn't fit this sweetheart of a cat.

Last night, Jay sent us a text:

Litter box set up, cat tested and approved: CHECK!
Flea prevention applied while cat purrs: CHECK!
Water & food bowls cat tested and approved: CHECK!
House & owner (servant): Still under inspection, approval pending.

Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful relationship!  Did you notice?  She looks a lot like our cat, Dusty.  The one testing my fabric in the banner.

We had very slow internet while we were in Illinois, so I have a lot of catching up to do.  Photos to upload, emails to answer, blogs to finish, you know, the usual stuff.
Eros' head. (Jay's inside)
Today was a travel day or maybe I should say a long day of traveling.  We are just outside of Branson, MO.  We will probably stay a week or two.  It is nice to have full-hookups again.  I can iron and sew together again!

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