Friday, August 19, 2011


My PinBoards (folders) on Pinterest
My daughter Misty introduced me to Pinterest a couple of months ago.  At first, I thought it would end up being another website I would spend too much time on and not getting my quilting done.  I do spend time in Pinterest, but not as much as I had feared.

Pinterest is a social media bookmark site and it is wonderful!  Yes, it is public, but you do have to send a request to Pinterest for their approval.

Let me ask you this - do you like to bookmark websites so you can refer back to them later?  Do you bookmark so many websites that you can't find that ONE website?  Well, I do!  I have too many folders overflowing with my Favorites.  When I need to look for one favorite in my many folders?.....I can't find it or it takes me way too long to find it again.  My quilt folder alone has 15 subfolders with hopes to find what I am looking for easier - Not!

I am a visual person.  I see a picture and remember things faster.  When I get ready to post, I use my photos to help me organize my thoughts.  That is what I love about Pinterest.  Everything is visual and once you click on the photo you can see the link.

Using my Etsy Shop as a demo, here's how it works:
Following the Pinterest instructions, save "Pin It" button to a Favorites Bar.  I could not get this to work on IE9 so I use Google instead.

Next, I find a website I want to save in Pinterest
"Pin It" button has been saved to Google's Bookmark Bar for easy access.
 Next Pinterest gives you choices of photos if there is more than one.
Move arrow over photo you want to save and click "Pin This"
The pop up shows the photo and a drop-down menu of your PinBoards or you can add a new one.
Drop-down menu
In comment, I sometimes add a reminder or the price to help me out.  Plus others will see this as well. Click "Pin It"

Add a comment or price or tag it or @ mention for sharing

It is now in my Pinterest...

Pinterest Board with links to site

The best part is the sharing!  I love opening Pinterest to see the Pinboards I follow.  Check out what I saw this morning...

You can choose to follow a person or just one of their Boards or two
Okay, I have to show this last PinBoard for recipes that I call "Looks Delicious" and I think I should rename it "10 lbs +" .....;0)
It's hard not to drool on my keyboard!
If you are interested, you can go to Pinterest and click on Request an Invite or you can email me.  I'm happy to send you an Invite!


  1. THANK YOU! for posting this. I needed this information. Found you through EBT.

  2. I was worried about that with Pinterest too. I do spend time browsing but it's more of a tool than a to-do. I love it!

  3. Hi Tricia, I agree! It is a time-saver when I need to find a bookmark in a hurry.


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