Sunday, October 11, 2009

Leaving Behind My Friends and Project Linus

Chama Quilt Show 2008 and Quilting Retreat

Since leaving Albuquerque, I have felt a little lonely for my friends I left behind. Even though we are in contact by e-mails, I still miss our Saturday meetings, the conversations, and our show-n-tell of our most recent projects.

I would like to share some of my pictures of my friends and a few of the quilts I gave to Project Linus over the past few years. I often scan the material's patterns so I can use the appliqué pattern to enhance the quilt.

Tumbling Blocks with Retro Dog

Fractions Pattern with bright paints.

Scrappy quilt was a UFO (UnFinished Object) for many years. I decided the little green men would be perfect.

Jumping Rabbit quilt. I love the Crazy 8 pattern. It is quick and easy.

Another easy pattern with butterflies.
Miss You Guys! Happy Quilting!

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"Friendship is a blessing, It's the best you have to share, The talents and the wisdom, The capacity to care." ~ Emily Matthews

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