Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Scary Buddies - Isn’t this cute?

This monthly mini took me only a week to make. The pattern is from Patch Abilities by Julie Bohringer. http://www.patchabilities.com/index.html Julie has some wonderful patterns that you can see on her website. I got this pattern from Quilt Corral Too in Rapid City. I used the Lite Steam-A-Seam2 to fuse the pattern together. While working on the hand embroidery, I watched a couple of my favorite Halloween movies like Practical Magic, Hocus-Pocus, and Under Wraps. I love a good laugh and of course, the movies get me into the mood for the season. I got a few more to watch, but I will have to work on my appliqué or my Christmas potholders instead.

I needed to get a small dowel, so I could hang my new mini in the window with a suction cup. I also needed to look for some batik for finish my pond quilt. Dan & I went to V & S Variety Store in Elma, WA. They advertised the store was an old fashioned variety store with candy, toys, housewares, and fabric. Oh, what a pleasant surprise! It is like Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s only independent with over 5,000 bolts of fabrics. The employees were very nice and very helpful. I plan to visit again during our long winter stay.

Here’s my mini hanging in the window of our coach.
I found the perfect batik! It looks like little flagstones. A great finish edge for my pond.
Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Halloween! love your mini wall hanging! We don't celebrate Halloween too much here in Australia, but I do expect the local little children to knock on my door for some sweets- I should make a mini like yours to welcome them all!

  2. Thanks Helen! It was so easy and fun to make! I'm sure the children would love seeing it. We were told yesterday that children rarely come to the campground, but we will keep some candy around just in case.
    I plan to make Julie's snowman for Christmas. The best part is their size. They will be easy to store and lightweight.


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