Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July (Hot Springs, SD)

Happy 4th of July!  Our little campground has been busy most of the week.  
With July 4th falling on a Thursday, who all gets a four day weekend?
Hot Springs does something different for the 4th.  The city allows people to bring their own fireworks to the public parks.  Sounds like double the fun for celebrating - watch your own and your neighbors, but we will probably be needed here to keep an eye on this area.
The lake has been even more busy with lots of people enjoying the perfect weather for swimming, picnics, and fishing.  I got this photo around 7:30 pm just before the sun disappeared behind the hills.
A serene moment on Cold Brook Lake
On The Cutting Board
Okay!  Two more Happy Campers ready to have doors and windows fused onto them.  I have a few more mug rugs that I would like to finish embroidering before I start layering them.
I have also been working on a new Welcome sign - A Macaw's Welcome.  I found a cute photo of a Macaw online and turned it into a pattern.
Now, I need to think about a border....hmm, maybe some wonky squares in bold colors?  Well, back to the cutting board or drawing board...
Happy Quilting!

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