Sunday, July 20, 2014

Where Did Summer Go? (Hot Springs, SD)

I can't believe July is almost over and summer is starting its second half.  Where did it go?
Water fall in downtown Hot Springs
I know I don't have a whole lot to show for my time.  I know I have been spending a great deal of time reading or listening to books lately.  I do spend more time sitting outside watching the cats.  Other than helping Dan clean up the lake area and the campground....well, I'm just not too sure.
Side view of the water falls,
Hot Springs in the background
We have done a little sightseeing plus we are driving to Rapid City once a week for groceries.  It is hard to find good hummus and almond milk here.  Not to mention, it is nice to getaway from here for the day.
VA building
Dan drove to the VA hill so I could see their unusual buildings.  The VA has facilities on top of two hills in town.  One hill has a VA retirement home and the other has a hospital, some housing, a National Park Cemetery,  and other medical buildings.  We drove around the medical facilities hill.
We are not sure what this building is used for, but I find the architecture very interesting especially the dome.
On The Cutting Board
Here are four more Happy Campers ready for layering and quilting.  I have been taking my time with my latest projects  to give them a little more detail.
I embroidered lace to the curves to match the curtains on the pink polka dot top.
I made the heart into a windsock with beads and attached it to Happy's 'P'.
And...I added bullion stitches and beaded fringe to the awning below.
I should start sewing some of these up soon.  I have about eight of them ready to sew and layer.  I guess it is time to pull out the ol' sewing machine and get busy!
Happy Quilting!


  1. gorgeous photos! I asked myself the same thing just yesterday, it seems like warm weather goes by so quick. Sweet campers, will be adorable quilted.

    sparkle & shine *~*

    1. Thanks Teresa! Maybe we will have an nice warm Fall this year.

  2. I love all that detail on the campers. Each one you do is so individual and special.

  3. I agree Sandy...I can't believe it's nearly august! Summer is going far too quickly. That building is interesting with its dome. Wonderful detail on your happy campers especially the kitty at the window. Did I tell you that we've decided to take our cat Max to France next time we go. He's had his rabies jab and now has his pet passport. Will be fun with the cat and the dog!! X


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