Monday, June 30, 2014

39th Anniversary (Hot Springs, SD)

We celebrated our 39th anniversary today by eating out at a Mexican restaurant.  Good food and good service.....and then we spent some time picking up trash around the park(part of our job).  It's a shame that people don't feel a need to pick up after themselves.  I would hate to see how their home looks.  Do they drop a soda can in the middle of the living room and just leave it there?  Overall, this area stays clean..thanks to the rangers and camp hosts.
Well, enough about that subject.  Here are some more photos from our drive through Custer State Park.  All the animals look like they are still trying to shed their winter coats. There were quite a few buffalo calves running around.  
They did not seem worried at all about the people or cars stopping to watch them.  Of course, the people outside their cars had more to worry about than this calf.  The buffalo were very close to the road, so I took all my pictures from the car.
This big guy was getting too close to the car.  I'm not sure if he was curious about us or if the grass just looked tastier than the rest of the plains.
We also came across a couple of antelope near the road.  I have never been so close to them.  Usually, they are just a tan and white spot on the plains.  We did see one running down the road while we were driving to Casper one day, but she took off into the fields as our car got closer.
Interesting looking fellows.  Maybe we will get to see them up close again.
On The Cutting Board
I'm slowly getting back into my sewing routine.  I have four Happy Camper tops ready to sew together, but I might do a few more before I sew the layers together.
My window box flowers came out well.  When I started the flowers I had no plan of what I would do except that I wanted to have a rose or two in the window box.  I bought some new lace to use for the curtains.  I'm glad I bought a lot of this lace.  It really gives the Happy Camper a cozy yet romantic look.
Well, it is a windy day and the cats are not liking the 25+ mph gusts, so I think I will get some more sewing done if I can find a seat since all the cats are in the living room.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a pretty good day to celebrate your anniversary!

  2. I have my cub scouts do a service project of picking up trash in public places. I am hoping that once they pick up what others drop, they will be a bit more careful themselves. I have noticed that after our meetings, they all chip in to leave the place spotless.
    Darling little campers!

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  4. Hi, I love your craft, is beauty, I love a colors, I follow your blog, hugs from Brazil.
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  5. Oh those buffalo! How wonderful to see them up close. How beautiful the calves are. Did you want to brush them to help them shed their winter coats?! I would've wanted to! The window box is so so pretty. Thanks for popping by my blog and yes I love it when the campsite is deserted and there's just Chris Spencer and me! X

  6. Such fascinating photos Sandy! Your lace is sure giving interest to your happy campers!

  7. Oh how neat. I love seeing bison, and the antelope has such a cute face! I know what you mean about trash. My husband and I carry a plastic bag along every morning on our walk and pick up trash as we go. If we miss one day of walking, we can usually tell the difference in the trash amount.


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