Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunny Days, Lazy Days (Hot Springs, SD)

We have been enjoying some wonderful weather.  I'm loving the blue skies and fluffy white clouds.  
We had one afternoon rain storm that lasted through most of the night.  It left everything feeling fresh and green.
Mad Max on alert
The cats are loving their new home.  They have been going out at least once a day.  Since it is quiet most days, we are letting them drag their leashes around without us holding them.  We can always grab a leash if they look like they are about to get into trouble.  So far, that has been rare.

Max likes the area because it is quiet most of the time.  He is exploring more and not hiding next to the motorhome's closed door.  With all the open space, he can see people coming from a long enough distance so he can beat them to the door.
Squirrel and Max exploring
Squirrel loves soaking up the sunshine while laying in the cool grass.  He has been exploring the other side of the road a little more often than we would like him to do.  As long as he knows we are watching him, he will not go too far.  Otherwise, he will be on the other side of the park.
Time for sunning
Dusty is extremely happy with our new home.  He has been running from one end of our area to the other end.  If he could talk, he would probably be saying, "Look at me!  I'm free!  I can run fast!"  He often runs back to us looking for approval and a pat on the head.  He is one happy cat right now.
Dusty contemplating whether he should attack the tall grass
Dusty has been begging to go out at least twice a day.  I don't mind sitting outside with him while he explores our big side area away from the road.  He wanders around and I spend time sewing or reading.
Wait for me!
I did not get a single photo of Hitch this time.  He isn't as enthused with our new home.  He never did like a lot of open space.  He prefers climbing trees or exploring woods with narrow pathways.  I did take him over to the play area and he climbed the wooded posts a couple of times before sulking under the motorhome....cats!...can't please them all, right?

On The Cutting Board
We went to town for ice cream and guess what was next door.  Yep, you guessed right...a quilt shop.   HeartSong Quilt Shop was a lot of fun to explore.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  She even showed me "The Country Register" with all the other local quilt shops within a one hour drive from here.  Hmm, looks like we need to spend a couple of days driving around.
I like to buy something from each store that I visit.  I could not make up my mind of what I wanted this time.  Too many choices with very little space available in the motorhome.  They have a large selection of Australian fabric.  I know it is quite popular right now, but I have never seen it in a shop before this.
I finally decided on three fat-quarters.  For some reason, I have been wanting to do more projects with sea turtles so I think this will make for an interesting wall hanging.  Doesn't the green fabric look like the sun reflecting on the sea?  I can use some of my fabrics as fillers.  I have no idea what kind of pattern or design to use for this fabric.  I'm sure some idea will pop up.....hopefully soon.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Interesting how cats have different personalities.
    I have a small collection of Australian prints. I have them all stashed together but have no idea what I want to do with them.

  2. Lovely to see the cats outside enjoying themselves. Nice Australian fabrics...I see what you mean about the sun on the sea. X

  3. Looks like a great space for the cats with all that lush green grass.


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