Saturday, April 19, 2014

There's A New Iron In Town (Spokane, WA)

I got tired of my old iron leaking water and even worse, discoloring my projects.  
This mug rug is not a happy camper.  It is a mess.  The iron left dirty marks on the white top and the blue has a yellow tinge to it.
 I'll keep this blue mug rug for myself.  I have been wanting one to hang in our door's window and now I have one.
This problem with my iron only happens once in awhile because the other three mug rugs look great along with all the fabric I have been ironing.  Still.....I can't get the iron's plate clean no matter what product or home remedy I have tried on it.  I started using a piece of muslin hoping that would protect my projects.  It did.....sort of...okay, I'm fed up.  There's a good chance it will happen again.  It's time for a new iron!
Out with the old iron and in with a new Rowenta Focus Steam Iron.  I love the shape of the tip.  That will make it easier to iron small details without ironing the whole item.  Nothing like ironing one seam, but getting two and the second one is now going the wrong way.  You know what I mean?
I also like the 400 tiny holes in the plate instead of the 8 - 10 large holes.  When I am ironing fusible webbing, I'm suppose to hold the iron still for a few seconds, but I can't because the large holes pucker the fabric.  So, I have to lightly keep the iron moving while fusing the fabric.  Note:  Some of the new irons are offering up to 700 tiny holes.

I ironed a yard of prewashed fabric last night.  Not only did I not need to use a spray bottle to wet wrinkles, I was done in a record of time and my arm wasn't tired from pressing.  Yes!  I also did a quick test on a piece of very wrinkled muslin that my old iron could not get the wrinkle out.  The Focus had no problem getting the old wrinkles out.  Be Gone Wrinkles!  I have a new Iron!
Happy Quilting!

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  1. I really need a new iron! Thanks for your comments!


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