Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Not So Wordless Wednesday (Spokane, WA)

Such dreary days make for a dramatic photo, don't you think?  High winds, rain, and hail has kept me indoors for most of the week so this is the only photo I have taken this week.  Lazy!  I know!  We did get the cats out a couple of times to keep them happy.  Most of the time, they refused to go out the door giving us that look - Are you crazy?!
We leave Spokane this Sunday.  According to the weather forecast, it looks like a good travel day for us.  Dan is talking about a long day of travel, so I might not have time to post since my next one is due on our travel day.  I'm so ready to go.  It has been a long time since our last visit to South Dakota.  
Have camera, will take photos!!!
On The Cutting Board
With bad weather comes good news:  I have had more time to work on my mug rugs and I have managed to finish six of them!  All the ones below are now listed in my Etsy shop for $12 + shipping.
Horse - 9 x 7
Pink Hearts - 9 x 7
Peach Cat - 8 x 6
Pink Cat - 8 x 6
Pink Polka Dots - 8 x 6
Pink Teal - 8 x 6
 My fingers are crossed that they will find a new home soon.....and back to sewing!
Happy Quilting!


  1. Yes, that weather does not look very inviting ... just dramatic.
    Your mug rugs are all so cleaver. You are amazing at coming up with something new each time.

  2. What a dramatic sky. And all the campers are darling!

  3. Lovely Picture! I like all your campers:), so cute!!

  4. Thank you! I sold all of them yesterday. I'm still on cloud 9 from everyone's comments and sales!

  5. Your campers are just so cute. I went on Etsy to purchase one, and they were all sold! Congrats and I hope you add some more to your store. I enjoy following your adventures (and your cats' adventures too).

  6. Safe travels my friend!! Take care and enjoy the scenery!

  7. Oh that weather looks bad! No wonder your kitties didn't want to go out. A wonderful moody photo though. Your mug rugs must be one of my favourite things I've seen made. They are so pretty. Maggie xx


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