Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shopping And Sewing (Spokane, WA)

We said good-bye to the Great Horned Owl and her babies in Plymouth.  She was out of the nest the day before we left.  I had to wonder if she was tired of the crowded nest and wiggling babies.
I got one photo of two babies...well, sort of....one is hiding behind the tree, but you can still see two heads.  The other one looks like he is winking at me.
While I was waiting for the three babies to pop up together, I entertained myself by following the Downy Woodpecker.  A very active bird...
 who is constantly moving...
 and hunting...
ha!!  Finally, a decent shot of the face!
Downy Woodpecker
Dusty certainly enjoyed the sunshine while we were in Plymouth.  He was not happy about moving again.  He certainly let us know halfway through our trip that he was ready to stop.  He seems happy with our new site here on Fairchild AFB.  He has plenty of grass to munch on.  We should have named him lawnmower instead of Dusty.
Did someone say bird?
We are going to stay in this area for the next two weeks while we visit with family.  We have a field behind us and we have a large side yard for the cats to wander around in....on leashes, of course.
On The Cutting Board
All right!  Three Happy Campers are done.  Now, I need to get them listed.  I REALLY need to spend one day just taking photos and listing my items.  Soon..real soon...
 In the meantime, I am finishing up another Happy Camper.  I used some different stitches for more texture in the garden.
I found the cat in a tattoo website.  The site offers royalty free tattoo designs.  Most are more complicated to use for sewing, but this cat design is elegant and perfect for an embroidery design.  He even has that regal cat look going.
 I haven't done a stitch all day.  We did a lot of shopping today.  I stopped by Joann Fabric and Craft Store to stocked up on supplies.  Why is it that I never have enough?  Maybe if I spent a little more time planning ahead on my projects, I would not have that problem...yea, that'll never happen.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Love that woodpecker picture ... and your three finishes are so creative. I never would have thought of a tatoo site.

  2. Love the campers. And I really like the picture of Dusty licking his chops after all your talk of birds!

  3. Lovely pictures! The owlets are super cute!!! Looks like the woodpecker gave u quite a few poses:)


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