Friday, April 11, 2014

Our New Neighbors (Plymouth, WA)

Travel day - we are moving north to Spokane, WA.  Before we go, I wanted to share pictures of our neighbors during our stay in Plymouth on the Columbia River.  Actually, we shared the site with them. 
We did not know the site was occupied until another camper walked over and pointed the nest out.  He thought I should know since we were walking all four of our cats at the time.
Sure enough, there was a Great Horned Owl sitting in the nest taking quite an interest in our activities.  I'm so glad he pointed her out to us.  We decided to take only two cats out at a time and to stay near them while keeping an eye on the owl.  I did mention neighbors...plural....
Great Horned Owl is a Mama!  She has three little ones, but I only managed to get photos of one curious baby peeking out at us.  Isn't he a cutie?  I'm just going to refer to the baby as a male since we know the big one is a female.
 Dan mentioned he looked like a Muppet baby.
 Baby did look like he was trying to talk to us or look ferocious while bobbing his head at us.
The next photo is my favorite.  He looks so innocent and cute.  Not so innocent though...he was watching small birds in the next tree...probably wondering when he would be able to catch one for himself.
 Since he isn't ready to leave the nest, he decided to see what was in the nest.  No food...just a piece of wood.
Oh well...looks like he will have to wait for Mama to wake up and get him something to munch.  Doesn't he look bored at the moment?  He took a nap soon after this photo.  Baby is looking pretty big.  That nest must be getting a little crowded with three growing babies and Mama.
Mama never left the nest during the daytime.  Around dusk, she takes off to go hunting.  We were careful not to disturb the family too much during the day and we were extra careful while walking our cats.

Well, time for me to finish packing...hmm, and see what project I'm going to work on during our trip today.
Happy Quilting!


  1. awesome photos! thanks for sharing. I have always wanted to see an owl in person.

  2. Great sweet, but I wouldn't stick my finger in there...giggle.

  3. Your photos are the greatest! Of course the subject matter wasn't bad either ... spoken by an owl person, of course.

  4. Fabulous! How wonderful to have neighbours like these. Thanks for sharing your photos. X

  5. Oh wow, owl babies! I rarely even get a glimpse of an owl and never the youngsters. Fantastic!

  6. The photos are so cool! The baby looks really fluffy! How nice you could photograph them.

  7. How adorable!!!

    Safe travels. I went to the quilt shop today and picked up some Civil War fabrics to do a small wallhanging for in the dining room. I still hve the binding to do on the wallhanging for the living room.

  8. I love all the owl photos - just so neat to see!


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