Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Not Much Going On (Seaside, OR)

I know today is Not So Wordless Wednesday, but I haven't been out taking photos since my last post.  This is Oregon's Spring Break week.  Seaside is bustling with families enjoying the nice weather we had earlier this week.  Because the area is so busy, we decided to hang out around the campground until next week.  I'll certainly be ready to get out and do some exploring next week.  Hopefully, I'll have some outdoor photos some time next week.
Seaside beach
On The Cutting Board
In the meantime, I have been spending more time on my projects.  I finished the Welcome Kitty wall hanging last night.
I made my first fabric flower along with a bud.  I left the edges raw and picked at the edges some more for a more frayed look.
 I'm almost done with this Happy Camper's embroidery.  I plan to add handles to the tea cups and I might add something to the door's window.  I'm just not sure what....
 I have also been changing some of the older mug rugs.  I'm adding more embellishments to see if that will help them to sell sometime soon.
added a flower and ribbon
Some of them need some more quilting like the white rabbit above.  He looks like he needs lots of quilting.
added a flower and ribbon
 So far, I have only embellished three rabbits.  I have a few more that I have pulled out that I would like to see them sell soon.

added two roses to this rabbit
 I'm more tired than usual thanks to our cats having little parties in the middle of the night or their sunrise wake-up calls.  It could be the weather too making me feel tired while it is causing the cats to be more restless than usual...
Dusty:  What?  I do nothing......I am innocent
......yea!...right!............I am needing another cup of tea to make it through the rest of the day....yawn
Happy Quilting!


  1. Wow you have so many wonderful sewing projects at the moment. I love the colours of the cat in your welcome kitty wall hanging and the fabric flower is very pretty! Oh that dusty! I bet he gets away with everything! X

  2. Love the enhancements on your projects. Dusty is beautiful.

  3. Such wonderful things going on! That kitty welcome quilt is super cute! I olive the idea! And your camper quilt looks really cute!


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