Sunday, March 30, 2014

Motorhome Or A Boathouse? (Seaside, OR)

Seriously, it has been raining here....a lot!  The news said March had over 7 inches of rain.  The campground now has small ponds with ducks where sites use to be.  The campground is surrounded by wetlands so the water has no place to go, but the wild life is loving it.  
We saw a Great Blue Heron and some sort of a striped mammal swimming near the park, not to mention, there are a lot of geese and ducks.

humans!!  fly away!
This is a permanent site.  The owner had to park his car in the road and looks like he needs to wear galoshes to get out of his rig.  He even has a mallard duck floating around and munching nearby.
....or maybe this is the mallard's camp site....
The best part about the rain is the flowers.  They are blooming everywhere.
The sun came out today.  So nice!  The campground became very active with kids riding bikes, people walking along with their pets.  I was very distracted with all the sunshine coming through the windows.  I'm hoping it'll stay a little dryer for the rest of our stay.  When we took the cats outside today, they had a few visitors come up to talk to them.  Dusty and Squirrel were extra friendly to the visitors.  They acted like they never get attention from us!
Later, we got outside for a walk and took some photos of the area.  All of the following are inside the campground.  This is a very nice place and one of my favorite campgrounds.  Below is the area where we saw the heron.  Of course, he was unavailable for photos.  

The last three photos are taken across the road from the flooded campsites inside the park.
Dan has been busy lining up work for us.  He has the rest of this year all planned out.  We will visit family in Spokane in late April.  From there, we will head to South Dakota to renew our licenses.  In May, we will be working as camp hosts in Gearhart, WY.  Not too bad of a job working 20 hours each with another couple and the owners.  That will last through September.
In mid September, we have lined up a job with Amazon for seasonal work in their Kansas warehouse.  Yep, I might be the one packing up your order this year.  That will be a tough job with 4/10 hour days and later 5/10 hour days.  So, we won't be making it to Minnesota, Oklahoma, or Texas this year.  I'll be closing the Etsy shop from September to January because I am going to be one tired puppy.  I know the cats will not be happy campers during this time, but it is only for a short while.
Hmm, should have this canoe outside the rig
....just in case...
Well, it looks like we are going to have a very busy year.  I better get back to my projects and get them done.  As soon as we are in a dry enough area with sunshine, I will get photos taken of all my finished projects and get them all listed.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Wow, you do have a lot on your plate for much of the year!
    I hope some of those puddles dry up soon. Cats don't like wearing boots. Interesting to compare your pictures with the nature in the south-west.

  2. You can always go from SD to WY via MN! lol
    Wow!! That is a ton of water! We camped one weekend in WA and woke up and we were flooded in. The little patch outside the door and around the camper was dry but we couldn't get out. The owners were quick to come and dig a ditch to get us out. We all laughed because they had thought about tying up a little blow up boat and putting it by our door, but they weren't sure if we would think it was funny or not. We did and of course, the kids then insisted that they wanted the boat to paddle around. Your photos are gorgeous! Beautiful!

  3. You do have a busy schedule Sandy! I love your photos, the colors are so vibrant! Hope it'll dry out for you and you get to enjoy some sunshine!


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