Thursday, January 9, 2014

Feathered Friends and Jungle Stars (Sutherlin, OR)

We drove to the reservoir the other day.  Unlike the ones we have visited in the southwest, this one looked more like a lake and had a lot of bird activity.  We were barely parked and the engine turned off when this hawk popped up.  He was so close to the car that I was afraid to get out of the car, so I took a few photos through the windshield.  I'm surprised this one came out.
After a few shots through the windshield, I tried to get out of the car as quiet and as slow as possible.  No good.  He flew off, but he did not go very far.  I was able to follow him along the shoreline where he was trying very hard to balance himself on this point.  He finally did and had to show off by standing on one foot while watching me. 
In the meantime, I kept hearing a loud chirping behind me.  I turned around to find this little guy making all sorts of noise.  I believe he was mad at me for interrupting his lunch.  He certainly did not mind telling me all about the trouble I had caused him.

Cormarants were everywhere.  I love the way they were all lined up on the pier.  I was hoping they would not mind me getting closer....
but they did...  Well, I managed to upset every bird in the area.  I guess my work is done for now.  Next time, I will take my 500mm lens and maybe I won't disturb my feathered friends.
On The Cutting Board
All right!  I finished the two owl mug rugs.  I just need to add a label to the backs and they will be done. 
I was able to finish the elephant within two nights, so another quilt top is ready to be quilted.
Tonight, I will start appliqueing a car and a train to this top.  Once this top is done, I will have a total of four quilt tops to quilt and bind.
Well, I better get back to my projects.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Maybe you should have sent the cats out first.Your projects are all just great...lots of progress... I need to take a page from your book.

  2. I love all the birds!! I love all of your projects also!! I need to get my hinny in gear!

  3. Wonderful photos even if the birds wouldn't let you get too close! Your quilts are looking fab as always. So colourful and bright! X

  4. Just to let you know I have written a post in praise of the mug rug you made for me!

    Maggie xx


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