Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bound To Try (Sutherlin, OR)

 I summed up the courage to start my first Hawaiian quilt block.  I have been wanting to make one since reading Jennifer Chiaverini's "The Aloha Quilt".  Reading how Bonnie was taught to make her first block really peaked my curiosity.  The applique techniques sounded so interesting and quite different from anything I have done in the past with applique.
I bought this fabric along with the book (below) last July during the Sister's quilt show.  Gorgeous fabric.  I probably should start with fabric that I don't mind messing up.  But if I'm going to do this, I might as well start with the 'star' fabric because I am not so sure I will want to do this technique very often.  Of course, there is a chance I might take quite a liking to it and do a lot more.  Hard to say...anyway.....

Washed, ironed, and folded....deep breath and I start cutting....
Done.  Not an easy task to cut through so many folded layers of fabric.  I used my spring-loaded precise shears this time.  The shears are meant for flannel rag quilts which I still have not made...yet.  Okay, time to unfold and see what kind of damage I have done.

Oh wow!  This looks great!  I love the way this came out.  Now, I'm getting excited so I need to iron out the folds, pin, and baste.
The basting alone is going to take awhile.  The instructions say I need to baste 1/4 inch around all the edges.  The basting will also be my guide while I am turning under the edge for appliqueing.  I'm going to need my old sewing gauge (ruler) because my eyeing a 1/4 inch will end up very uneven.  I can see those turtles turning into blobs!
I have also been working on binding for all four quilts.  I haven't quilted the last top, but I should have it done within the next couple of days.
So, do you use the bias binding or do you just cut on the straight?  I like using the bias binding.
I was told the stretching of the bias will help make the binding last longer through wear and tear.  That comes in handy when it comes to little ones and their quilts.
So, the binding is folded in half and ready to sew to the quilts.  The turtles are ready for basting with lots of pins holding it in place.  It should make for an interesting evening trying to keep cats off the block while I am basting it!
Happy Quilting!


  1. Mary Cesar has come up with a kind of glue that makes Hawaiian quilting much easier. A tiny little spot here and there holds things perfectly and comes right out with the touch of a damp cloth.

  2. It's gonna be a stunning quilt! And that turtle fabric is adorable!:)

  3. We saw some of the Hawaiian quilts when we were in Hawaii last year. Yours will be gorgeous! Bias binding...I was told the same thing, and then also told it was harder to sew...might try it someday....when I get back to quilting after this trip. I do love batiks and your colors just pop beautifully


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