Monday, January 13, 2014

A Cat With His Shoe (Sutherlin, OR)

Slow week for outdoor activities.  Lots of rain with sporadic sunshine making the world around us look fresh and clean.  A real nice change from all the fog we have had for way toooo long.  

Dusty has been moping around because he hasn't been spending as much time outside.  You would think he wouldn't care that it is raining since he has a thick coat, but he does.  As soon as the rain starts, he begins to twitch and runs for the door.  "Let me in!"
not your shoe,  my shoe!
 So, here he sits with his favorite chew shoe...well, it was my shoe until he stole it out of the closet and chewed up the backside which made it hard for me to wear.  Almost every night after we go to bed,   Dusty drags his shoe into our bedroom while doing his cat-a-wallowing howl "I killed the shoe for you!".  He leaves it for me to find in the middle of the night and I, of course, step on it.  That certainly wakes me up.  I'm happy to say with all this rain, he has been sleeping with it.  So, no midnight surprises, but I'm sure that will not last long.

I don't know what it is with my stuff that Dusty feels a need to chew on them.  I have to hide everything from him.  I never thought he would chew on my phone....he did...sigh..
I have no idea what to do with a cat like that except to hide everything of mine from him.  

He does make a great model for my quilts.  That's his silhouette in the wall quilt.  He was actually being good when I took the photo, but I think this looks more appropriate since he is always getting into something.

On The Cutting Board
The only project I have been working on this week is the Kitty's Welcome wall hanging.

So, I want to take this moment to give a big Thank You! to Maggie from Flowers in the Window for featuring my mug rugs in her blog.  You probably remember when I made the Harvey J mug rug last summer?  Harvey J belongs to Maggie and Chris.  We have spent some time talking since discovering each other's blogs.  We both love our pets, quilting, and traveling except she is in England where I would love to be again someday.  Please stop by and say hello!
Here are a few more photos...

A little experimenting with Picasa.  I used the pencil sketch format to see what I would get...
Okay, one more.  This little leaf caught my eye with its bright colors.
Well, I better go see what Dusty is getting into now.  Lately, he has been burrowing under the quilts I have been working on.  I don't think the wall hanging is going to cover him this time.  By the way, all my quilting projects are put away every night...thanks to Dusty...the tables are cleared of all projects.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Some lovely images! Your cat is gorgeous!

  2. When Nikko chews my stuff, it is separation anxiety, or so says the trainer. It can happen after I go up to bed and my husband is sitting at the computer for three or four more hours. She never chews his stuff. I wonder if cats are the same as dogs. Yes, I try to put as much as possible out of her reach or sight.

  3. Thanks so much for the mention Sandy. I think Dusty thinks he's a dog. What with the shoe and chewing things! Lovely photos especially the rain drops. Maggie xx

  4. Great photos! I've never heard of a cat that chews on things (only dogs). And a phone of all! Good thing he's cute, right :)


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