Friday, September 27, 2013

Which Witch? (Ft. Stevens State Park, OR)

We move to Newhalem Bay State Park on Saturday just south of Seaside, OR.  I'm not sure how strong our WiFi signal will be, but if you don't see a post - that will be the reason why.

I haven't been taking pictures.  When it is not raining, Dan and I are taking fast-paced walks around the park on their lovely paved paths.  We got caught in one rain storm.  We were soaked by the time we got back to the motorhome and that was with our raincoats on!  I'm so glad I decided not to take my camera.

So, I'll share some more photos that I did not post in my last blog of flowers from Seaside.  
I love this nasturtium.  It looks like it has teeth.
The leaves under this one is pretty cool. It looks sort of like a Rudbeckia.
I have always loved the color of the Bachelor Buttons.  Gorgeous!
We did manage to get our cats out a couple of times.  They all did a lot of exploring.  I lost count of the trees Hitch has climbed since we got here.  We talked to another cat owner walking her cat by our site yesterday.  Dusty decided he did not want to be friends, but he did mind his manners and only growled at her cat a couple of times.  Hopefully, our cats will like the next state park as much as they liked this one.  

On The Cutting Board
I haven't been keeping my nose to the cutting board this week.  I'm not sure what my problem is considering that I have lots to do.  I want to make my own Halloween wall hanging so I started by looking through a long list of sayings.  This one caught my attention.  I thought about adding just a witch's hat hanging from the bottom of the 't' with a broom leaning on the 'n'...
 Then I thought the hat would be cuter with feet.  I looked online for pictures of witch's shoes.  With a combination of photos and clipart, I came up with this pair.  Well, if the hat has feet/shoes, she should have hands....
Then I thought that maybe the hat should have legs with knobby knees.  This is all free hand work.  No clipart this time.  I actually found some sites online that show you how to draw hands, feet, faces, etc.

Okay...Now, I have two designs and I'm not sure which Witch I want to use for the wall hanging.  Which one do you like?  Well, I need to give it some more thought...
I finished the pink trailer.  I might add a Welcome sign on the left side of the door with another big flower since there is so much empty space.  I need to wait to iron on the sign until we are back to having full electrical power.  We are limited in the state parks.  Right now, I prefer using our power for warmth and hot tea.  I can iron later.
In the meantime, I am working on the second trailer.  This cream color top will be added to a deep pink with teal polka dots trailer.
Reading back through this blog, I do believe I have found some motiviation to get back to the cutting board and get some sewing done!
Happy Quilting!


  1. I like the one with the knobby knees best. ;)

  2. Beautiful flowers!!! I really like the last one. Such a pretty color.
    As for the witch...I like the one with legs. =0)

  3. I go with the knobby knees as well. The colors of those flowers are so striking.

  4. Hi Sandy, U found the blog..... thanks for following back...I don't know why I was not following you, have been here before many times, always loved your cat gadget! and the sweet bird pics that u pin! ....I have recently changed my blog/shop from cute2sophisticated/cassyzcutiez to theartbug.

  5. Gorgeous flowers! I like the witch with the knobby knees. :)

    1. Thanks! I'm thinking the same thing - knobby knees!


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