Thursday, September 19, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole (Seaside, OR)

The weather can't make up its mind - to rain or not to rain, to be hot and muggy or to be downright chilly, not to mention, very dark.  
I'm taking every opportunity to enjoy the sunshine while it is out.  I finished up my mug rugs and got outside for photos in natural light.  All nine are listed now in my shop.
"Curiouser and curiouser!" cried Alice
I was going to show you our new shower door, but we are still waiting for our special ordered door to come in.  Dan had ordered the shower door the last time we were here in Seaside from Home Depot, so our door was waiting for us when we came back.  The bad thing is that we are suppose to leave next Monday and start our trek south along the coast.  
It's a good thing we are not on a schedule.  We now have reservations at Ft. Stevens State Park for an additional five days.  Our fingers are crossed that the door in the correct size will come in during that time or we need some of Alice's potion to make the door smaller....or cake to make the shower bigger.
Before making the reservation, we drove up to the state park to pick out our site.  Afterwards, we drove around to see some of the sights.  It is a big park with lots of paths to walk, beaches as well as lakes to see, and of course, plenty of squirrels.
Twiddle Dee
These squirrels look a little chubby.  They barely moved when I approached them to get their photos.  I think they were hoping for more food instead they got Paparazzi taking their pictures.  Maybe, they are fattening up for winter and as chunky as these two look, I have to wonder if Oregon is in for a very cold winter.
Twiddle Dum
On The Cutting Board
I especially love the movie with Johnny Depp in it.  Quirky as usual when Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are involved.  Both queens were a little odd, but the overall movie was very imaginative and different from all the other movies.
I finished the Alice in Wonderland Teacups wall hanging yesterday.  The Dormouse and teacup design is by Urban Threads.  If you are looking for some unusual designs for machine/hand embroidery or applique, try Urban Threads.  I have a large list of cute designs from their website in my favorites folder.  

Okay, back to my wall hanging.....I quilted flowers with center swirls just like the letter 'o', so they would match.
I only quilted every other square in the wonky blocks and lines in the two side borders.  It was a lot of fun to work with cotton batting instead of the Insul-Brite that I use in the mug rugs.  It was like sewing through butter...I did not want to stop.  You know what that means...I need to finish some more wall hangings.
 I added feathers to the Dormouse's hat.  Doesn't he look dandy?
I did something a little different with the hanger.  I wrapped fabric around a 'D' ring and attached loosely braided leftover fabric strips.
I embellished the braid with a ribbon and thread bow.  I added beads and glass flowers to the ends of the thread. It looks better hanging up.  What do you think of the hanger?  Now, I'm waiting for some sunshine so I can take photos and get it listed.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi Sandy, I hope your shower door arrives in time. Those squirrels do look well fed don't they? I love the photo of the one lying down. Your wall hanging is wonderful especially the wonky blocks and the hanger looks lovely. We're off to do another flea market this weekend. I hope the weather stays dry!

  2. oh no! I hope your shower door makes it in for you before you leave there!! Those squirrels are huge. I had heard we were in for a bad winter this year....of course who knows with all this crazy weather the last few years. I'm looking forward to some cooler. Its been warm and humid here the last two days. Its supposed to be ten degrees cooler tomorrow!! Yeah!

  3. I hope that shower door doesn't mess up your plans.
    Having grown up on the edge of an eastern forest, I am surprised at the lack of squirrels in Japan. What few there are, are rarely spotted in the wild. Strangely, there are many oak forests and wild chestnuts so food doesn't seem the issue. Meanwhile, the masked-palm-civet is seen more and more frequently and that feeds on things raccoons and squirrels might select. Japanese "raccoon-dogs" (tanuki) are ground dwellers and we are seeing more and more of those as they are pushed into the suburbs and getting bolder. Luckily they lack the skills needed to open garbage cans and pick grapes.

  4. I bet the cats want to tear up that hanger... The mug rugs are gorgeous!


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