Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Signs of The End of Summer (Seaside, OR)

In Just One Day
I finally understand how my parents felt about December 7, 1941.  40 years later, they often talked about how they felt, the uncertainty of what would become of America, and for the first time, someone dared to attack us on our own homeland.  They never forgot that feeling of vulnerability with a strength of every US citizen putting aside their differences and coming together to keep our country safe.
9/11: The 25 Most Powerful Photos  I still remember what I was doing, almost 12 years later, on that horrific day.  I will always remember the brave men and women that lost their lives that day.
I can tell you exactly what I was doing and thinking the moment of impact of the second plane.  Never forget?  It feels like it happened yesterday.  I don't think the day will ever come that I will forget the loss, the heroes, the devastation, and not get emotional.  9/11 changed our lives forever.  Remember?  I am reminded everyday that tomorrow can never be taken for granted.

Taking a Walk
Here's what I was trying to post the last two times.  Just some photos from our walks at the campground in Pacific City.  We finally got out of the "no signal black-hole" on Monday.  We are back in Seaside for the next two weeks.  So nice to be connected once again to the world.

When we saw this sign, we thought it was the end of summer.  For most of the week, the campground was quiet....then Friday came with all the people.  They were back.  Why waste a perfectly good weekend sitting at home when they can be camping near the beach?
The rabbits and the cats were enjoying the peace and quiet during the week.  The rabbits came out to greet us during our walks.  Of course, having some carrots didn't hurt.
We see food dishes set out by the workers and some of the regular campers.  Plus, the campground store sells rabbit feed, so they are very use to being hand fed.  Not spoiled at all.
You would think the rabbits would have a weight problem with all the food we see, but they always seem delighted to have another carrot.
During the quiet time, we started to see and hear more birds.  I should start carrying my big lens to get some photos, but I have been lazy.  We watched eight robins take a bath in a mud puddle.  
We have heard from other campers that the black bears have been busy at night as well.  Even with the abundance of berries to eat, they still find the garbage interesting.
This is the only wooded path inside the campground.  We walk it everyday for the steps and for the wood's view with a stream.
On The Cutting Board
With no internet connection, I had plenty of time to get some sewing done.

I finished five UFO mug rugs so far.  The pigs were designed by Fayette Terlouw and I made them into mug rugs with 'Hogs and Kisses' on the back.
I finished the four below during last weekend.  The witches and cat are designed by Nancy Halvorsen.  I wanted to make the pumpkin black cat more interesting by adding a spider web.  The Mummy mug rugs are my design using ripped up natural muslin for the bandages.  What do you think of my Mummy mug rugs?
I can't believe I finished nine mug rugs within two weeks.  They were already fused together so that saved some time.

Time to take some photos for my Etsy shop so I can get them posted.
Happy Quilting!


  1. I remember Pearl Harbor. I remember the end of WWI, but in those days there was no TV playing re-runs over and over for years to come. Then again, it has been two and a half years since the earthquake and tsunami hit Tohoku and in spite of those re-runs, nothing has been done other than to build "temporary" housing, yet Tokyo is all hepped up about another Olympics and building housing on re-claimed land.
    I love your rug mug ideas. You can create your own patterns.

  2. Fab photos as always. The mug rugs are great xx


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