Tuesday, June 11, 2013

On the Columbia River (Crescent Bar, WA)

We spent the last four days in Crescent Bar in central Washington.  Below is a view from our campground of the wide, the deep blue....Columbia River.  
We did a lot of driving around with a little reminiscing.  They say you can never go home, but I enjoy seeing how the old town has changed.  Dan grew up in Manson and Wenatchee.  I spent 8 years of my teen life in Wenatchee.  We had a class together in high school, but did not really talk to one another until after Dan graduated.  We dated all through my senior year.  Dan joined the Air Force.  I graduated and we were married within the month.  June 30 will by our 38th anniversary.  How time flies!

We visited the Rocky Reach Dam.  Their grounds are always immaculate and it looks like they have added more art to the grounds.
The horse power mural is still there and just as impressive as the first time I saw it.
One more photo of the grounds.....
We went to Lake Chelan to see how Manson has changed.  The whole area has grown, but there are still fruit orchards along with new wine grape fields scattered throughout the area.  Below is a photo of Lake Chelan. Doesn't the water look inviting?
Flowers blooming everywhere and I did take more photos of them, but for today I will post my favorite one of a huge white poppy.
In Wenatchee, we walked part of the Riverfront Loop.  The loop is a little over 10 miles and crosses the Columbia twice.  Lots of walkers, joggers, and bike riders...busy...busy!
View from the East Wenatchee side
We crossed one of the two pedestrian bridges
A view from the pedestrian bridge.
On our way back, we watched these two dogs retrieve the ball from the water.  Well, one did while the other one watched.
 A long travel day tomorrow - Wednesday.  We are heading south to Oregon.   This means I am getting closer to my visit in Sisters, OR and their quilt show!  WhooHoo!
Happy Trails!


  1. Such a short time in Washington, but I love the pictures. I wish I could be at the Sisters show again this year ... especially with you.

  2. Loved seeing the photos of Wenatchee. Daughter number two lived there for 20 years, her husband was the museum director there and my grandsons were raised there. Great town. And ... Guess what!? I am going to Sisters. I will be there on Saturday walking the streets with Mo's sister in law. Can our paths cross?!?

  3. Have a wonderful time at Sisters!! Wish I could join you there!


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