Saturday, June 15, 2013

Getting Ready For July (Cove Palisades SP, OR)

We are staying in Cove Palisades State Park near Madras, OR.  An interesting campground in a canyon on a peninsula surrounded by two rivers: the Deschutes River and the Crooked River.  
river splits
The road leading into this area is very narrow with loose gravel on steep slopes on both sides.  Did I mention the logging trucks?  Yea, they were sharing the narrow road along with other boaters and RVs.  Did I also mention it was a little scary at times?  Then, there's the narrow bridge...Dan had to drive down the middle of it.  There was no way we could cross with oncoming traffic.  Lucky for us, the driver across the river saw us and waited while we crossed the bridge.  She was a sweetie to wait!
Narrow bridge and road
Once we were settled, we were quite happy with our new home.  This is a popular summer weekend get-away for the locals.  The campground went from a ghost town to party central on Friday.  It was rather entertaining to watch people quickly setting up their areas.  Talk about rushing to relax!
 We hiked up the side of the canyon yesterday.  One mile and 600 feet elevation later...this was our views of snow capped mountains in the distance and of both rivers (above photos).
 We have only been in this area once before for one night and it was a long time ago.  So, we plan to do some exploring of eastern Oregon for the next month.
Monday, we will move to LaPine, OR just south of Bend.

Hitch wore himself out running from tree to tree and chasing very brave lizards.  He wore me out trying to keep up with him.  I'm a little worried that he is re-energizing for his next outdoor visit....I should rename him - Solar Kat.
Sunshine on my belly.

On The Cutting Board
I finished four 4th of July wall hangings designed by Nancy Halvorsen for my Etsy shop.  This is the first time I have set a goal for myself.  Not only did I meet my goal, I finished and listed two days ahead of my due date!  I'm going to give that goal setting a try again for my next set of Etsy projects.
"Land That I Love"  sold the next day!  Thank you!  I hope to sell the other three before July.
9x9 Let Freedom Ring
I'm making some smaller wall hangings as well.  They were a lot of fun to make, so I might try making some mini wall hangings soon.
I did a little tea-dye staining on the backgrounds of the two small wall hangings.  I thought making the primitives look a little aged would add a little more character to them.
Happy Quilting!


  1. One of my dearest quilting friends lives in LaPine!! We love that area. Talk about gorgeous!! She took me to many shops in the area. There's one in LaPine but several north of LaPine that I really enjoyed. Too bad I didn't know sooner or I could have hooked you two up. She has a fantastic quilting studio!!

  2. Your beautiful pictures made me want to go and visit that part of the US. You're staying at a gorgeous SP! Hope you'll have a lot of time relaxing and exploring in the next few weeks! Hitch looks very satisfied in his sleep and looks exactly like our Smoky :)) Crossing my fingers for you to sell those adorable minis for 4th of July!

  3. Beautiful photos as always. I love reading about your travels. Very cute wall hangings! We've just had a little 2 week tour around the Normandy region of France. Just loved it! Take care. Maggie xx

  4. Love these pics! We visit central Oregon frequently being just "over the hill" in the valley. There is a cute quilt shop in LaPine called Homestead Quilts! I'll be heading to Sisters myself for the quilt show, and I can't wait! I'm displaying 3 quilts this year. Enjoyed your pic of Hitch and the lizard chasing story!


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