Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not So Wordless Wednesday (La Pine State Park, OR)

I haven't done a Not So Wordless Wednesday in a long time.  On our way to La Pine, we stopped at the P. S. Ogden State Park Rest Area for a quick break and were we in for a big surprise.  Just look at this view!  There are three bridges crossing this deep river gorge.  This is the railroad bridge..

 This is the new Hwy. 97 bridge opened in 2000 that we crossed...
 And surprise!  This one is built by Conde McCullough in 1926 and was finally closed to vehicle traffic.  It is now a pedestrians only bridge so we can view the river gorge and the bridges.  I really admire this man's work.  I first noticed his bridges as we were traveling down Hwy 101 along the Oregon Coast.  We kept crossing bridges with Art Deco designs.  Each one more unique than the last and all of them have the elegant arch design building timeless masterpieces.  McCullough connected Hwy. 101 from the north border all the way to the southern border with his bridges.  Many are still in use as of today.
 The other two bridges were built in the same arched style giving all three a consistent and graceful designs.
framed mountain
 Okay, two more photos of the far side of the river gorge.

Our WiFi signal has been very slow for the last couple of stops.  I'm hoping when we move tomorrow we will finally have a better connection and I will be able to visit blogs again.  It has been very frustrating just to load photos so I haven't been spending much time on the computer.
Happy Trails!

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  1. Yay! So glad you're back in Oregon! We love La Pine - our vacation cabin is just outside of La Pine State Park. Don't forget the quilt shop - those ladies are fantastic (and the pancakes in the restaurant connected to it are great too). Check out South Twin lake - there is a nice walking path around it!


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