Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's a Brand New....(Benson, AZ)

...Day in a new location with a new computer... 
Bridle Titmouse
Before I start are some photos from the Preserve.
Squirrel eating Osage Orange
Northern Cardinal 
We moved to Benson, AZ a day before the "Blizzard" hit this area.  I posted snow photos from our new site in Benson to our travel blog.

I'm so happy to be back!  I can't believe it has been 16 Feb since my last post.  Here's a surprise - I really did not miss my blog or Facebook or editing photos.  I did a couple of hours each day of emailing, Pinterest, and searching on Dan's computer.  I just wasn't on the computer 6 to 8 hours a day.  I did miss visiting my friends, so I'll probably spend a couple of days just catching up with everyone.

I got my new laptop last Tuesday.  Dan transferred all my files from my old hard drive to the new one.  The only bummer was losing some of my software such as my old Adobe Photoshop Element 8, but I was due an upgrade big time.  So, now I need to learn the new Photoshop. 
I also lost my clipart software from PC Crafters.   They closed their website last year...wouldn't you know it!    I use a lot of their clipart for my applique and I was just starting to use their clipart for some new mug rugs - like the lamb and the penguin.  I hope to retrieve all my clipart that I bought over the years by borrowing Dan's laptop with my hard drive for a couple of hours...if the software will open in his computer.  No guarantee, of course.   Hard lesson learned...I need to upload online software in more than one hard drive.

I spent most of this week learning a few things about my new computer and moving a lot of photos over to my external hard drives for safe keeping.  It only took six hours!  Gee, do you think I take too many photos??

I love the first screen I get when I open the laptop.  Very nice.  I have Windows 8 now and that will turn into more navigating of unknown territory for me.  It is a lot different from Windows 7.

Okay, just four more photos from Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve:
Pocket Gopher
Well, he was cute until he turned to look straight at me
Aberts Towhee taking a bath in the creek

On The Cutting Board
Being without my laptop made me realize that I wasn't cutting back as much as I had claimed I was going to do for this year's resolution.  I got a lot done on quite a few projects.  I pinned two quilt tops yesterday and I have a third quilt top ready, but I ran out of batting.
I have a stack of mug rugs ready to hand embroider...
...and a couple of them are ready for the next stage.
Oh, I think I hear the projects calling to me...time to quilt!
Happy Quilting!


  1. You have some awesome animal photos in this post. I love it! I was going to say the squirrel was my favorite until I got to the gopher picture. I also love your caption for the gopher pic. Ha ha! He does manage to be both cute and a bit scary with those teeth.

  2. Your posts,are always enjoyable. Cute animals. How are your kitties?

  3. Hooray for the new laptop!!! Glad to see that you won't be having withdrawals anymore.
    That's a cute little gopher. You take amazing photos, so don't be sorry for having too many of them (even if it took 6 hours!). LOL

  4. Sandy, welcome back! I know the feeling of spending too much time on the computer but your blog is one of the few I follow regularly. Your quilting is an inspiration to me. We are new RVers but are not full-timers. I am amazed how you have adapted to the full-timer lifestyle. You Rock! Again...welcome back and enjoy Benson.


    1. Thanks Linda, I'm happy to be back and that is very sweet of you to say! Congrats on getting out on the road and exploring our wonderful country. It is a challenge at times...that's what makes life so much more interesting! Happy Trails!

  5. So glad that you're back!! Missed your posts!! We're getting snow tonight. Got 2 inches today, supposed to get 6-12 tonight and a few more tomorrow. I have a wood pile in and am all set. Just wish I could sit and quilt, but I'll be finishing up a paper and studying for my final.

  6. I think the little gopher is cute, even with his yellow teeth.


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