Saturday, February 16, 2013

Laptop Withdrawls - oh no! (Patagonia, AZ)

I finally did it...I fried my laptop...darn, talk about feeling like a fish out of water.  Dan was able to save my hard drive, so all my work is not lost, thank goodness!  Dan also researched laptops for me.  Dan knows I love my graphics, photos, and that I do a lot of multi-tasking between a lot of different softwares.  He found a great laptop, but he had to order it online.  It will not be shipped for another week...deeeeeep breath....stay calm!  I will survive.....I'm sure!   In the meantime, Dan is letting me borrow his laptop so I can keep up with my emails.

This will be my last blog until I get my new laptop.  Fingers are crossed that it will be shipped ontime and on a speedy route.  I will try to visit your blogs soon!

National Embroidery Month
Who knew?  I know I did not know.  I'm glad I found out.   I'm a big fan of embellished quilts especially crazy quilts.

Embroidery has really changed and it has become quite popular again.  There are quite a few websites that offer free redwork patterns like Dearie Dolls Digis.  She does some wonderful work and probably covers all seasons.

I'm thinking of adding more embroidering embellishment to my quilts.  Of course, I'll keep working on my other embroidery projects like All Creatures Great and Small by Natalie Bird.


Tuesday Treasury
I know this is early, but we are moving on Tuesday, 19 Feb to Benson and I'm not sure when I'll post again.  So, here's a treasure filled with embroidered projects...


  1. Safe journeys to both of you and the new laptop. Boy, I know what a bummer that can be!

  2. Sorry to hear about your laptop. It's amazing how much we depend on those things! That crazy quilt is so pretty. I love the look but that is A L O T of work looks to me like !

  3. The darn thing finally gave out on you, did it? After all that. Well, at least you'll be getting a brand spankin' newbie and shouldn't have any problems with it for quite awhile. Good for you that your hubby lets you borrow his (tell him I said thanks). I haven't been able to visit your blog in awhile, so I'm glad I got to visit today to see that you're thinking about adding more embroidery on your quilting project...I think this is an excellent idea!

  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your laptop, but that's great you found a new one. It's so hard being disconnected!


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