Thursday, February 7, 2013

It Ain't Hog Heaven (Patagonia, AZ)

That's for sure!  LOL!  Dan and I ran into a group of Javalina during one of our walks.  For the first time, we had one javalina confront us.  
He or she trotted down the trail pass the others while snorting at us.  We believe the javalina was not sure what it was confronting since their eyesight is not the best, but they can smell us.  I almost pulled out the air horn I have been carrying in case of a confrontation with our mountain lion.
We were at the end of the trail's loop and did not want to backtrack to a crossing trail.  So, we stood very calmly and watched the snorting javalina.  Luckily, the javalina was a little confused.  He stopped on the trail, snorted a couple of more times, turned around and trotted back down the path.....
meanwhile, the other one on the trail just sort of ignored us so I got some good profile photos while he watched the other one going up and down the trail.
I like watching their noses - down....
and up!

On The Cutting Board
You are probably beginning to think I have gone over the deep end with starting so many different projects.  There is a method to my madness.  It is hard to start a new project without making huge messes and spending a lot of time digging through my supplies.  But....once a project is put together and stored in a baggy, I can pull it out wherever and whenever I want without stress of looking for certain supplies during our travels.  I might be overdoing the preparations of too many projects, but I have so many ideas that I want to get them packaged into kits before I forget!
New Mug Rugs Hog and Lamb
The Pig and Lamb are clipart designed by Fayette Terlouw from "Born in a Barn" collection.  I think the design will make for some cute mug rugs.
Just Chillin'
 I just love this penguin designed by Laurie Furnell. This is from her clipart collect called "Penguin's Pastime". I blew up the penguin to make it into a mug rug.  I'm trying to decide if I want to make the smaller Just Chillin' into a mug rug or a small wall hanging.

So, I have put together quite a few small projects for some handwork that will keep me out of trouble during our travels this year.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Close encounters of the piggy kind! I'm glad it didn't charge! Good pictures.

  2. Interesting story :) You have managed to take such great photographs in a confusing situation like that.

    1. Thanks Milena, Yes, sort of a bad habit with me. Take photos first then panic.

  3. I love seeing your pictures and hearing about your life out in the country

  4. Have you ever read the children's book " Don't Call Me a Pig!"? Cool encounter.

  5. Endlessly jealous of your adventures! The closest we come to wildlife when we go to the parks is a squirrel running across the path haha

    1. Hi Holly, Sounds like it is time for some road trips! I like watching squirrels too. They are lots of fun to watch!

  6. The second pig was probably laughing at the charger ... See, I told you it wouldn't work ...
    I think prep time is never wasted. You will have all that stuff ready to go with no further mess. They will all be so cute too.


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