Sunday, January 20, 2013

Warm Weather and Feathered Friends (Patagonia, AZ)

The weather warmed up immensely and business has picked.  I guess everyone is tired of being cooped up.  I know the sunshine feels very good right now.  Since we are a little busy on this warm Sunday, I plan to keep this post short.

Here's a few photos of some of the birds and one deer I have seen recently.

With the weather warming up, we are seeing more bucks hanging around the does.  The bucks are very shy when it comes to people.  I find it funny that the males run off, but the females will stand their ground and stamp their hooves as a warning.
I dare you to come down this trail...
On The Cutting Board
I finished the border with more stars to Cuddly Critters quilt...actually the name in the magazine is Starbear Friends, but I like Cuddly Critters better.  This green border has a lot of different colors in it.  Almost any color scheme will work with this border.
And I started embroidering the faces.  Of course, I had to start with the kitty!


  1. Love the wild life pictures!!! Cute pattern you are working on. Of course you picked the kitty. Looking very nice!!!

  2. Looks like that is going to be a fun quilt.

  3. That quilt looks so cute! Is it for family or for your etsy shop?

    And love those bird pictures. We had some warm weather too, but today we're back to winter storm warnings and heavy snow :)

    1. Thanks Holly! Brr! I hope you are staying warm.

  4. I sure wish we had warmer weather today - we are under a weather warning for freezing ice :(

    The quilt is really coming along. Perfect border for it. I agree with you on the Cuddly Critters name, Starbear Friends just doesn't sound right.

    1. I guess there's no way of avoiding freezing weather in the US. It can hit anywhere.
      I do too, so I think that is the name I will call it by from now on! Stay warm!


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