Saturday, January 26, 2013

Red Sky in The Morning (Patagonia, AZ)

On Wednesday, this Preserve hosted a group of Conservancy workers.  They were here for two days to help map our old cottonwoods.  The weather was co-operating with low 70s during the day.  Even the nights were nice, but I was really enjoying the warm sunny afternoons that made me forget all about the recent freeze.  On their first evening, we were invited to join them around the campfire.  It was nice to stare into the flames, soak up the heat, and listen to the chatter around us.

We woke up the next morning to a pink sky which had me wondering if our beautiful sunny weather was leaving us again.  It did, but the dark clouds and rain did hold off long enough for the field work to be finished.

Of course, by the time I took the photo most of the pink was gone.
Thursday Morning's Sunrise
So, we are getting more rain today and not too many visitors on this quiet Saturday.  Even the birds and critters are feeling a little lazy today.  I went for a walk and sighted only two deer with a few birds.  No pictures from this walk.

We have less than a month left here and I am ready to start traveling again.  This has been fun and definitely a lot quieter than any campground, but not as great as our first winter here with so many different critters to see.  Well, I have at least three weeks left.  Maybe, I'll see some Coatimundi before we leave here...fingers are crossed!

The following photos were taken earlier this week...

There was one Bridle Titmouse letting Dan know he was being too slow on filling the feeders this week.  The little guy was hanging from a branch above his head and chattering up a storm - "hurry up! hurry up!
Happy Trails!


  1. Great pictures. Enjoy your last few weeks there. I am excited to see where you go next:)

  2. I swear the Tit-patrol has eyes on our feeder. It has occupants before I am back to the gate! Lovely sunrise.


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