Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Treasury (Patagonia, AZ)

I decided to start posting my Etsy Treasuries again.  I enjoy window shopping online and I like sharing what I find especially in Etsy.

The birds are starting to return to the Preserve.  We are seeing more activity and the Birders are reporting more sightings.  
Says Phoebe
No more sightings of the lion, but he did leave a paw print a couple of nights ago.  He was just letting us know he is still around.  I'm not sure if the lion is a he or she.  I'm too lazy to type he or she each time.  Knowing my luck, the lion will turn out to be a female.
Rufous Crowned Sparrow?
I don't know my Sparrows, so I'll leave this to my birding friends.  So many of them tend to look alike...
This Canyon Towhee has been spending a lot of time under our motorhome.  He is a brave little guy.  He comes within a few feet of the cats.  He runs out when they are not looking to eat some of the seeds on our mat.
Canyon Towhee
He is not very quiet between his running and crunching seeds either.  As soon as one of the cats sees him, he runs back under the motorhome.  Sort of reminds me of the Road Runner and Wiley E. Coyote.  All he needs to do is exit with a Meep! Meep!
Tuesday Treasury
In honor of all the tea drinkers around the world including Arlene's quilting friends from Harriet Truman's Loose Threads Mysteries and me!  Time to steep a pot of tea, curl up in a favorite chair, and read a good cozy mystery...or quilt.  Hey, I'm not picky!   By the way, here's Arlene Sachitano's link to her blog.  Happy Tea...Happy Reading....Happy Quilting


  1. Visiting you from the Etsy Blog Team! Your quilting is inspiring.....something I could never attempt to do, but I love seeing others' work. Yours is beautiful!

  2. Ooooh....I really like the last two shots of the Canyon Towhee, and I'm loving that blue tea pot in the treasury!


  3. What-do-ya-know....I was sitting here drinking Vanilla Chai tea while reading your post! I am a HUGE tea fan. I have to have a cup (or two) every day. So of course I love your treasury! :)

    1. Yummm, I love Vanilla Chai...and Cocoa Chai..and green tea...and the list goes on.

  4. Just had my morning cup of tea (from the teas made that serves as our alarm clock). Couldn't live without tea. Love your birdy photos. Maggie xx

    1. Thanks Maggie, Oh yes! I must have a cup of tea to start my morning!


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