Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Not so Wordless Wednesday (Patagonia, AZ)

Our last day of the year 2012 was a little more eventful than we had planned on having for this day...
Snow day on Dec 31, 2012
We woke on the morning of New Year's Eve to a dusting of snow on the ground, no power, and a very cold motorhome.
I tried to ignore our youngest cat, Hitch while he sat on my ribs.  I was curled up on my side trying to stay warm, head buried beneath the covers.  Every time I so much as twitched, he would make a loud Mrrrr sounds and dig his tiny paws in deeper as if to say, "I know you are awake.  Get up and feed me."
can you see the reflections of the trees
For a 9 lb cat, he certainly can feel like a 20 pounder when he wants his food.  I finally pushed the covers down wondering why Hitch felt a need to have food before the sun was up.
 He greeted me with a loud Mrrrreow! and I swear with an elfish grin.  "Ha! I knew you were awake!" and head-bopped my chin. 
Okay, I'm up!  Got the propane furnace going and cats fed...
Even Mr. Cardinal looks cold.
 Then I realized there was snow on the ground!  All right!  Snow!
Dan and I did our morning chores in a hurry, grabbed our cameras and were off on a walk before breakfast.
I guess our last day of the year had to end with a bang.  I'm happy to report our power was back on by the time we got back from our walk and our well-fed cats were sleeping.......hmmm, maybe I should have joined them.

Our first day of the New Year was uneventful with no cats begging me to get up at o'dark hundred!  Good-bye 2012!.......Hello 2013!


  1. Hello Sandy, I hope you had a beautiful holiday season! Beautiful pictures! The hummingbird feeder is wet, but the birds keep on sipping there like here.

    Happy New Year!

    Sandra :)

    1. Thanks Sandra, A Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Brrrrr, it's cold here too. Plan a, stay in bed. Plan b, sit under my hooped quilt and quilt! It is nice to have a few quiet days,

  3. LOL - such a funny story about the kitty! When they're hungry, they're hungry, aren't they? =)
    Glad that your power was back on when you got back...And wouldn't you know those silly cats went back to snoozing after their tummies were full? Of course!

  4. What a treat to have some snow! Its been really cold here. Below dad was not enjoying it. Its much warmer in VA. Hubby is back in CA and my dad has left. Time to get the house back in order, lesson plans done and some quilting done!

  5. Not what most people expect from AZ is it? They don't realize the mountains we have or the snow they can collect!


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