Friday, November 30, 2012

Run With The Javalina (Patagonia, AZ)

Okay, so I wasn't running with the Javalina, but I did make them run.  I was walking near a wetland area when I spooked a large group crossing an open area.  The tall grass to my left started thrashing about with lots of snorting going on.  I could tell they were headed on a path right in front of me, so I backed up and waited.  The first Javalina trotted across the open area and then he spotted me.  Nice pose, eh?
Must be a pointer...Human!!!
He was very calm about seeing a human, but the others were not.  Soon, a stampede of snorting squealing Javalina were running across the open area not more than 500 mm away.  I know that's a fact because I had to back up to take photos with my large 500mm lens.
Run Mommy Run!
They were fun to watch especially the little ones.  They can really keep up with mama when they need to do so. 
Wait for meeeee!
The Tombs: A Fargo Adventure by Clive Cussler

I finished listening to another book on my iPod.  This time it was an action-packed-no-rest-for-the-weary story....that is an understatement!  I have seen Clive Cussler's book-based movies,  but I have never had the desire to read one of his stories.  I prefer more relaxing human-related stories or murder mysteries with suspense.
The Tombs (A Fargo Adventure)
I decided to listen to this one because it is about Attila the Hun's tomb.  When I was younger I would find the nearest library close to our new home.  Each library had different set of archaeological books on the Steppes Horsemen or Egypt or the British Islands.  I loved reading what the archaeologists had discovered from their digs and yes, sometimes I thought I wanted to be an archaeologist, but I am a wimp when it comes to long hours of outdoor labor.

Anyway, I got the book for that reason with hopes of learning a little more about Attila the Hun.  I'm not sure how much of his history in this story was based on fact since it was years ago that I read about Attila, but it was interesting.  It was also hard to breath at times while I waited for Sam or Remi or both to be rescued from the greedy rich man who felt he had a right to on all the treasures.  It was good and it was exciting.  I actually might try another Fargo Adventure in the future...after I get some rest.

On The Cutting Board
This has been an amazing month for my Etsy shop.  I sold two more mug rugs.  Making for a total of 10 in one month's time frame.  Many, many thanks to all my customers!

Once I stopped pinching myself, I got busy making a few more mug rugs: 2 Snowmen and a Witch.  I really need to make more Santas or Reindeers, but I'm afraid I would not finish them before Christmas.
Snowman with a blue scarf
Snowman with a red-plaid scarf
Witch with cauldron
Here's a couple of photos of a squirrel looking for food.  A sign that Winter is suppose to be on its way.
We certainly cannot tell by our warm days.  I can't believe it will be December tomorrow...and only 24 days left til Christmas!  Wow, where did the year go????
Happy Quilting!


  1. Great javelina shots and subtitles! Do you hand hold that 500 mm lens?

  2. So fun to see the havalina. The baby in that one picture almost looks like a fox.

  3. I can't believe you stood there taking pictures! I would have run for my life while playing that scene from "Old Yeller" over and over in my head!

  4. Whoa! Great javelina shots! None of them charged you or gored you or tusked you pulpy?

  5. Hello Sandy, great pictures! The works are so beautiful! The squirrel is so cute!! Great shots!!

    Hugs - Sandra

  6. I have never seen javelina. Love the baby you caught on camera. Your mug rugs are so creative!


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