Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lion Around (Patagonia, AZ)

On Friday, Dan walked up on a Mountain Lion on the nature trail, about 30 yards across the creek from him and approx 150 yards from the motorhome.  We think it is the same lion we posted pics of just above in our October blogs, but some of the facial markings are different. Perhaps it was dried blood spatter last time and he cleaned it.  Dan shot lot's of pics and some short videos which he  posted to YouTube.
The YouTube videos came out fuzzy, even though on camera and computer from the sd card it is clear.  The camera was zoomed in about 30 - 40 X so it is shaky footage (handheld, no tripod or monopod). The one labeled Mtn_lion is the one to view first.

5 videos of the lion taken on Frid, plus other critters from videos we took last year:
The cat isn't stalking us. It might think Dan is stalking it - second time he has walked up on it. If there were not so many deer and fawns around we would  be more concerned. It looks well fed.
Dan and the cat watched each other for 10 - 15 minutes.  Dan called me on the cell phone, and I was able to walk over in time to see the cat leaving.
This makes Dan's 3rd sighting and Sandy's second within the last 25 days.
This is the photo from the first sighting.  Could be the same one..

My brother sent this to Dan and I.  Good one!

Sorry Mittens.  You need to stay outside.  Happy Trails!


  1. oh my!! That is a little scary!!! Keep those kitties inside and be careful wandering around.

  2. Hi Sandy, I looked up quilt blogs in SD and found you. Some of my family lives in Harrold, SD. I'm a follower, and you can find me @

  3. Dan is one brave guy. Looks like that lion is quite happily settled.

  4. What a stunning creature! but certainly not as harmless as your ordinary kitten. Can you and Dan carry something noisy and "scary" with you, just in case? I guess they do not attack people, normally, but still...

  5. What a stunning creature! But please be careful, both of you. I understand no weapons are allowed (right?), but maybe you could carry something noisy and 'scary' to scare it of if the need be?

  6. Catching a glimpse of nature is always a wonderful moment - though with mountain lions I am sure pretty intense and frightening! Thanks for sharing - the picture on the bottom made me laugh :)

    I'd like to invite you to our Meet & Greet Blog Hop! This will be a weekly Sunday & Monday event :)

    Come link up and join in the fun!

  7. Oh my goodness you leave a dangerous life:) Be careful! The Mittens picture is funny.


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