Monday, November 12, 2012

Never Too Late (Patagonia, AZ)

Yesterday was Veteran's Day.  It's never too late to thank a veteran.  Hopefully, people thank a veteran when they see them.

Last year, I talked about my life in a military family.  I did not want to repeat myself, so I thought I would show some photos, posters, and links instead. For those who did not read my last Veteran's Day post, I have added a link for you.

Sites for donating quilts to Veterans and their families:
Blankets for Deployed Daddys
The Army Baby Quilt Project
There are many ways to give to our Veterans:
Yellow-Ribbons - includes free quilt patterns

SourceUploaded by user via Sandy on Pinterest

Source: Uploaded by user via Sandy on Pinterest

Source: via Sandy on Pinterest


  1. We had veterans in our family. Sadly, they are gone now. Besides, several family members were killed in the WWII. We, children of USSR, can hardly forget about that was - all families lost their members. The losses of our country were huge... and cannot even be assessed more or less precisely. And we do try to do something for veterans when we can - at least thank them.

  2. That's wonderful Eugenie. I can't imagine living in a war-torn country. Waking up each morning hungry with thoughts being how to survive for one more day.

    We should be thankful everyday for the sacrifices they gave so we can pursue our dreams today.


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