Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Sunday Full of Surprises! (Patagonia, AZ)

Kudos to Dr. Dan!  The operation was a success.  My laptop survived and is thriving.  There were some touch-and-go moments as Dan sweated over getting the laptop apart and back together.  When he finally got to the cooling area to apply the new heating gel, he found the main reason for the overheating.
Merlin sitting on top of a cottonwood
Toshiba did a bad design on the fan's venting system.  Giving the fan only a small venting area with tiny slots, the vent was plugged up with dirt and fuzz.  I had been vacuuming the fan often to keep the cat hair out of it, but there is no way for me to clear out the vent.

After putting it back together - minus a few screws - the laptop went through therapy:  turn on? check!  open Windows? check!  Sound? check! etc...everything works and it is a lot faster.  Yea! A standing ovation for Dan!  I am back to my Super Woman Multi-tasking business as usual.
On Etsy, Mulberry Whisper had featured one of my Acorn mug rugs in her Treasury.  For the past couple of months, I haven't been able to get my Treasury widget to work.  Now, it works fine...go figure...

Eugenie lives in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and I love visiting her blog: Mulberry Whisper

I believe Eugenie brought me good luck, because I had another Etsy message - I sold 5 mug rugs to one customer!  The most items I have sold in a month have been two so I am still floating on Cloud 9!

Dan had told me that the preserve manager was interviewed by a reporter from the Arizona Daily Star.  He published an article titled: "Preserve plans tree-saving project".  He explains how he hopes to bring back the cottonwoods with this experiment.  It would be nice to come back someday and see new cottonwood seedlings growing along Sonoita Creek....Oh, and one of our photos of Mr. Owl a.k.a Western Screech Owl was published with the article!  Of course, no one will know who took the photo, but we know, right?
Preserve plans tree-saving project
Wink! Wink!
Happy Trails!


  1. Hi Sandy,

    I am so glad your laptop is fine! I would miss your pictures; I often come to read and look at photos even though I do not always write. Please convey my best regards and sincere gratitude to Dr. Dan. Thank you for mentioning me, too - I am very pleased!

  2. So glad that the computer is working. We are down to one here. Pieces for the desktop are apparently still in CA. I have the harddrive, but the keyboard and monitor are missing. We do have two boxes left in the garage to unpack but I'm not hopeful that they have that stuff in there. I actually think its more of my quilt fabric out there. Wonderful news on selling five mug rugs!! Awesome!! And fantastic owl photo!! I love all of your wildlife photos!

  3. Congratulations on the mug rug sales!! :)
    It's always so nice to see that little message alerting you to a sale!

    That hummingbird is stunning!


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