Thursday, November 3, 2016

Waiting in Texas (Gordonville, TX)

Since my last post, we have traveled a lot of miles.  2117 miles since 8 October. We rarely travel that many miles in a short time.  Surprisingly, our cats did not complain about the long hours on the road.  They did want to explore each new stop though.  Sometimes that just wasn't an option with the overnight location.  Ever try to explain to a cat that it isn't a good idea to go outside...yea, doesn't work.
We spent a couple of nights in Williams, AZ.  A great little town within walking distance of the Grand Canyon RV Park.  We were a little worried about being so close to the train tracks.  It would not be the first time a train has woke us in the middle of the night, but to be this close really had us thinking we were in for a couple of sleepless nights.  Turned out we worried for nothing.  The trains were unusually quiet...quiet engine...only one short horn blast at the crossings...even the wheels on the tracks seemed quieter if that is possible.  Anyway, we had no problems sleeping.
We hope to return sometime in the future so we can explore more of the area and ride the train to the Grand Canyon.
 During our two day stay, we walked the streets a couple of times.  I enjoyed the old signs the most and took more photos of them than of the buildings.
 Next time, I plan to check out this gift shop.  Looks very interesting...
I did go into this shop....Of Course!  I could not pass it by with the door sitting open just begging me to come on in.  The Quilts On Route 66 was small, but fun to wander around and talk to other quilters.  
We stayed one night in Homolovi State Park near Winslow, AZ.  We stayed here a couple of times when we first started traveling in our old motorhome.  Great views of fantastic sunsets!
Desert Moon
I really miss the southwest landscape, so I was quite happy when we went straight into Albuquerque, NM (ABQ) from Homolovi SP.
I'm sorry to say that I did not take a single photo during our week stay in ABQ.  I spent a lot of time shopping, getting a green chile fix from Golden Pride (more than once), visiting with friends, and seeing our old haunts.  We even drove by our old house which was a big mistake since it is up for sale and falling apart.  Such a shame.
 We are settled in Gordonville, TX while waiting for our new motorhome to become available.  We have a couple of more weeks to go.
We could not ask for a better spot to relax and wait.  This is our view from the side yard.  Nice, eh?
On The Cutting Board
All summer long, my shop was very quiet.  I think I had two sales.  So quiet that I did not think to close my shop during our trip.  I just thought it would stay quiet.  It did not.....
Lots of Happy Campers!
On the very first travel day, I received an order.  I messaged back that it may take me a few days to mail since I wasn't sure how our schedule would go or where to drop off packages.  I am very thankful that she was very understanding.
New Apple and Owl Mug Rugs (coasters)
That order was the first of many during our travels south!  It was like the first customer broke open the dam and the flood of orders started!  I was excited and stressed trying to fill the orders on time.  I really did not want to close my shop since this was the most active it had been since leaving Florida.
New Southwest Vintage Trailer
With the long hours on the road, I did a lot of sewing.  All of the photos above and below are new listings.  Some have already sold.
Tea Towel, Ornament and Quilt
My fingers are crossed that my shop will see more activity through the holiday season.  During my quiet time, I had started working on some UFOs - 3 quilts and more mug rugs.  I need to get them done and listed.  Well, I better get back to the cutting board!
Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi Sandy, What a lot of travelling! I love your plan of catching the Grand Canyon train next time...sounds exciting! What a shame to see your house like that. Let's hope it will sell soon and someone will give it the tlc it deserves. Fabulous sewing as always, I'm glad your sales picked up and wish you many more over the holiday season. Take care, Maggie xx

  2. I love seeing all that blue sky. I guess i t is a good thing the cats are not escape artists, with all that travelling. I remember my folks travelling in their little "road abode" but their companion was a dog ... and not a very big one at that.


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