Sunday, November 13, 2016

This Time.... (Gordonville, TX) week, we will be in our new motorhome!  ....with very sore muscles.  I'm not looking forward to the moving part, but I am excited about having a more up-to-date home.
Lake Texoma, TX
We spent this last week enjoying some great Fall weather along with quiet walks in the afternoon around the campground.
The cats have been loving this site with bushes to sniff in the back, grasshoppers to chase, and leaves to romp around in.  Yes, two of them have actually been playing in a pile of leaves that I had swept out of our sitting area.  I never thought I would see a cat jump into a pile of leaves!
Max enjoying the sunshine
Tomorrow, we move to our transition location which is in a friend's side yard.  He has plenty of space for both motorhomes.  It is very nice of him to allow us to use his yard.  It'll certainly be easier for us to park the coaches door to door.  
On The Cutting Board
I will close down my shop so I can concentrate on our move.  I plan to list three new scrappy lap quilts when I open my shop next week.  "Mushroomville" was inspired from all the mushrooms I saw during our walks in the Oregon's coastal woodland area.
They certainly are bright and colorful.  I hope each one will put a smile on a child's face someday.
This is my spin on the Fashionistas.  The main fabric has cats dressed up in boots and bows, so I named this quilt "Purrfect Cat Fashions"  Maybe I should call it Catanistas Fashionistas.   Purrfect!
The last one is "Time for a Cat Nap!" quilt
I have a lot more scrappy quilts in mind.  These three barely put a dent in my pile.
Which means I will have to start working on some new ones my new motorhome!!  In the meantime, I need to finish up some hand work and get ready for our move tomorrow.
Happy Quilting!

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  1. The scrappy quilts are beautiful! Good luck with the move to your new camper! X


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