Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mixed Signals (Sutherlin, OR)

I always related the American Robin with spring time.  See a Robin...Spring is right around the corner.  Hmmm, doesn't seem to be working this time.  I am seeing a lot of Robins hanging around the park.  
They must be finding some good food because they are chubby little fellows.  The berries on the holly bush are almost gone.
caught red-handed or is the red-beaked?
Every time we go for a walk there seems to be more Robins than the last time.  Maybe they are here for a short time before moving farther south.
save some for me!
We are starting to warm up, but not to spring-like temperatures.  Wouldn't that be nice.  Sounds like our snow will be melting soon with warmer weather on the way.  I'm seeing small hints with clear roads and icicles everywhere.  It has been a long time since I have had icicles hanging from our home.
It was nice to have a winter wonderland for a little while.  Even though, it was hard to keep our motorhome warm. 
 I can say one good thing about a cold motorhome...our cats became very friendly during that time.  I know it was for body warmth, but I'm not picky!
Gorgeous day!  (Timber Valley SKP)
The funny part about the cats is their short memories.  They keep begging to go outside and 10 minutes after they beg to come back in.  Only Max has not been outside.  He goes as far as the door only to turn and run for a hiding spot.  "You're not going to make me go out there!"  Smart cat.
When is this cold stuff going away?!
On The Cutting Board
My scrap bag is down to large pieces of scraps and not much variety for me to keep working on the wonky log cabin blocks.  I need some smaller pieces so I'm working on another paper piece pattern.  This is called the tumble block with second design of stars.  This will use up some of the fat-quarters and larger scraps that have been taking up space.
I'm going to make two quilts this way.  The jungle theme (above) and the transportation theme below.  I started the jungle theme a couple of days ago until I tried to slice my own finger with the rotary cutter.  Not too deep, but, yea, that hurt.  I guess I should pay more attention to where my fingers are on the ruler.  I decided to take the next couple of days off from all the cutting I have been doing.
My finger is doing better, so I will start back up on paper piecing very soon.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Lovely photos of the robins and the snow scenes. Looks cold though! And is that dusty in the snow? He's funny! The squares in your tumble block really look as though they're floating above. Very clever. Hope your finger heals soon. Ouch! Maggie xx

  2. So, now we know where those robins go so they can return in the spring. We have thrushes around here thet tend to do the same thing. I put out fruit (my feeder is a wooden board with nails put up through the bottom and the fruit goes on the nails) Now that my neighbor's garden is being changed into a house, I may not have so many visitors as in the past.

  3. oh no!! Praying your finger heals quickly!! How terrible!!

    Enjoy the birdies. I was surprised to see a bluejay out the window yesterday. Last week was below zero all week long.

  4. Hi Sandy, your photos are stunning! I love the crispness of the frost and the snow on the holly bushes. Brrr, you really captured the moment! We're loving our adventure even though we've had a few delays. But that's given me time to read your blog and try to figure out a few more things with mine. Stay warm!


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