Wednesday, December 4, 2013

CatHouse or Birdhouse? (Sutherlin, OR)

Well, all the fog has finally lifted and a cold front has moved in to this area.  You know it is cold outside when you raise the blinds and there is ice on the inside of your windows!  It was definitely a four-cat night.  Talk about a dogpile on!  Or would that be called a catpile on?  Either way, I stayed toasty warm under my covers and cats.
There's a few leaves hanging on, but most of the fall colors are gone for another year.  I'll just have to look a little harder for some color.
Like the least, the moss hasn't given up.  I love how green it makes everything look.  Well, not everything...I prefer to keep our motorhome a non-mossy-green color!
We have seen quite a few birds along with a couple of predators.  I have heard Canada Geese and hummingbirds during our walks.  No luck in getting pictures of them.  Maybe during our next walk.  So, how about some photos of birdhouses.  These are my two favorites:  a cute wonky one....hmm, this gives me some new ideas.  I have been looking at cottages and small beach houses all summer.  Thinking they would make into a cute mug rug.  Wonky ones would be fun to make as well!
Oh, and the second birdhouse that looks like a cat!....adorable!  I would love to have one like this birdhouse.

I have a dental appointment this afternoon and tomorrow is my birthday so I am doing a rush job on my post.  Yep, another year older...another year filled with adventures, travels, family, and friends.  

On The Cutting Board
There are only two Happy Campers left in my Etsy shop!  I'm so thankful for all the interest and support for my mug rugs.  This has been a wonderful year for all my shop.

I still plan to work on my other non-Etsy projects for awhile, but now I feel a need to start drawing new campers for the springtime.  As soon as I come down from Cloud 9, I will get to work on all my projects and plan some new vintage trailers.
Happy Quilting!


  1. I'm not surprised those happy campers are a hit. They are all so unique and charming. I want to see a picture of the cat pile.
    Many happy returns of the day!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love that bird house:)

  3. Hello Sandy!
    We wanted to wish you a very happy birthday for tomorrow; hopefully filled with all your favorite things! May the year ahead yield creativity and more travel adventure!
    Thinking of you ... stay warm!

  4. That cat face bird house is hilarious! Happy Birthday!


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