Monday, December 16, 2013

Getting Ready For Christmas (Sutherlin, OR)

The weather is warming up and the snow has melted but it left its mark behind along with a collection of pictures.  Because we lived most of our life in the southern states, I have rarely seen snow before or on Christmas.  I think the movie and song "White Christmas" has always influenced my idea of the perfect Christmas.  But, that is silly.  The best Christmas is being with family and friends while sharing memories of our past.
One of my x-stitch projects  
When I decorate our 2-foot tree, I spend a lot of time remembering past Christmas times with friends, family, and our travels.  Our tree ornaments have come from all over the world.  Some I made.  Some were made by friends.  Others are handmade that I bought for their uniqueness.   Needless to say, I can't see the tree because of all the memories!
Elf gloves from Izmir, Turkey.  German rocking horse from SIL
With so many memories, I thought I would share just a few with you.  The Santa below was made by a friend and co-worker, Mary.  We were stationed in Virginia and I worked for a furniture store's credit department.  Santa wasn't the gift.  He was a decoration on my gift.  Mary barely covered her bills and shared a small trailer with her daughter.  I was lucky to have her as my Secret Santa one year.  Mary always gave food usually some very delicious fudge or cookies and always added a handmade ornament on the gift.
I bought the handmade German Paper ornament
at Trier's Christmas market in Germany
 Germany was my favorite overseas station.  Christmas in Germany was like a children's story book.  The decorations, the lights, and the outdoor Christmas markets.  Then there was Kathe Wohlfahrt's store.  Filled from floor to ceiling with Christmas decorations.  The details in each wooden ornament is amazing and brightly painted.  I visited the shop often and I have quite a collection from that store!
Kathe Wohlfahrt wooden Santa
The reindeer was made by my SIL.  It holds a Hershey's Kiss so when you squeeze its cheeks, it gives you a kiss.  She made Santas as well as reindeer.  When the kids were little, I would fill each one with a Kiss for them to find.
The brass ring was made by a neighbor.  We were living in base housing in Florida and Sandy lived across the street from us.  Neither one of us could afford babysitters, so we would trade off time watching the other one's kids while she went jogging or I went to aerobics.
I have many more, but I probably should move on to what I found online.

40 Pets Who Are Ready for Christmas
I had to share this Cheezeburger page with you.  There are some cute and funny photos of all kinds of pets getting into the Christmas spirit.
40 Pets Who Are Ready for Christmas
I love the look on the Elf cat (left).  So funny!
40 Pets Who Are Ready for Christmas
40 Pets Who Are Ready for Christmas
Hmmm, I guess I need to work on getting our cats in the mood for Christmas.  Maybe I should hang catnip from the ceiling.  Wouldn't than drive them crazy!  I know I don't need to encourage them into climbing the walls.  They do that alllll by themselves.
Well, I guess I better go wake up the sleepy heads and see if they want to go outside before I start working on a project.
Happy Quilting!


  1. I thought my one meter tree was small but it looks as crammed with ornaments as yours, and mine also are the ones with special memories. Nikko has a Santa hat and sweater but when I put it on her, she looks embarrassed.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your pretty decorations. Those Christmas pets are so cute! Merry Christmas. Maggie xx


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