Sunday, November 10, 2013

What a Turkey! (Sutherlin, OR)

Here are some photos of the animals that we seen around the RV park during our walks.  We see this mother deer with her two little ones all the time.  They seem to be quite comfortable hanging around in the yards....on people's decks, walking down the street...blocking traffic...munching as they go.  They were sleeping behind our site a couple of nights ago.
Mama with one of her fawns
You can see the turkeys in the background in the photo below.  Quite often we will see the turkeys, some jack rabbits, and the deer all hanging out together.  I wonder if they start partying as soon as we go around the corner?
here's the second fawn
Even the wild turkeys are pretty tame.  They certainly are entertaining to watch.  We have been within ten feet of them while they are busy looking for food.  They do prefer we keep moving.  If we stop to watch them, they tend to move away.
I heard Thanksgiving was cancelled this year...too bad!
Hmm, there's got to be a joke in this one.  I did not know turkeys sat on fences.  I also did not know they could fly up to 30 feet into the air.  I always thought they flew low to the ground for a short distance.  Learn something new everyday!

I think this woodpecker is trying to blend into his background!  I was lucky to be near the apple tree when he flew into it.  He was doing a lot of squawking when he landed in the tree.  Maybe he was telling us to stay away from his apples. 
On The Cutting Board
Okay, five of the six mug rugs are ready for quilting and embellishments.  I slowed down on my projects because we have been exploring the area, meeting people, and taking advantage of the nice weather to go for walks.  So, about the only time I am getting any work done is in the evenings. 
Here's the last one.  I'm hoping to make this one look like a vintage Shasta camper.  They are known for having a silver wing on the back of the trailer.  I thought pink would look match the door and stripe, of course.   I'll attach the wing after I sew the camper together.
Tomorrow's Veteran's Day and many restaurants are offering free meals.  Check online to see what is available in your town.  You deserve it!
Happy Veterans Day. So far anyway.  Beware of Barry
Thank you for your service and have a great day!


  1. Excellent photos. Woody looks terrific and you camper is so cute.

  2. Good idea to get out when the weather is cooperating. I think wild animals are getting less wild with time. We had those in our yard on the edge of a forest but rarely did they visit during the daylight hours.


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