Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We Have Moved (Sutherlin, OR)

We left the coast behind.  It was time to move inland for the winter. On Monday, we packed up and moved to Sutherlin's Escapees park.    Since the Timber Valley SKP Park is in our top two choices for our  home base, we thought we should see what winters are like here. 

Below is a photo I took when we stopped for a few minutes to watch the Elk along the way.
Elk in Wildlife viewing area
Weather was never a big thing when we lived in a house with lots of space to move around in...or to leave fabric and projects sitting out.  Now I feel like the weather dictates what I am going to do for the day even when I am indoors.  Do I want to pull out that big project and take up half the motorhome for the day when the weather is bad or shall I wait for a warm sunny day?  Decisions!  

I can get a little chaotic while working on a project.  There are times when I am spread out from the living room couch to the bedroom.  Most times, I am good and keep myself contained to two areas - living and kitchen areas....just don't look for a place to seat...there isn't one...except for where Dan is sitting.
Out the front window
So far, the weather hasn't been too cold or too wet, but we have only been here for 3 days, and of course, we are still in the Fall season.  We got out for our walks and talked with some of the residents.  We are also seeing a lot of different critters.  Yes, I got photos and I will share them next time.  

The best part is our site that we got to pick out this time.  We picked one with a view of the hills overlooking the park.  The views are wonderful right now with the changing of colors and the low clouds covering the hills.   Very inspiring for creating new projects.  Well, I guess I should finish what I have already started first.
Side view from the dining and living areas
I am so happy to have a cement pad with gravel.  The site's owner did some nice landscaping that the cats are exploring.  The best part is not tracking in a bunch of pine needles and mud when we take the cats outside. I swear I was sweeping up enough for a small garden every time!  Have you ever tried to wipe a cat's paws?..belly?...rear?  Yea, it is not much fun.  Not to mention, they are smart enough to remember us doing it the first time so they bolt through the door and head straight for the bedroom.  We gave up on that idea.
On The Cutting Board
I'm finishing the embroidery on two more Happy Campers.  Then I need to pull out the sewing machine and get them done in time for Christmas.
I have been wanting to do a project with sea turtles so this is the first of many that I am thinking of doing.  I want to do a sea turtle wall hanging with Hawaiian applique design and maybe try a reverse applique with sea turtles too.
So many ideas...sooooo little time!
Happy Quilting!


  1. Looks like a beautiful spot. I hope you enjoy good weather while you're there. The view is gorgeous. I miss the Pacific NW. Of course, my own little piece of paradise is nice, but I long for the mountains. Thankfully MN isn't too flat but all of our leaves are gone now. We even had a dusting of snow the other night.

  2. I can imagine tracking all kinds of glop into a home.We leave our shoes at the door but Nikko traipses right on through and I defy anyone to wipe even one foot!

  3. Looks like a lovely winter park. Hope it works out for you and hubs.


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