Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Colors (Sutherlin, OR)

We are still viewing fall colors here.  Living in the southwest for such a long time where the weather goes from long summers to 2 days of fall and boom! it's winter...well, this has been a nice change to have all these fall colors to enjoy for the last couple of weeks.  These lovely colors will not last much longer with the temps slowly dropping for the past week.  Today was the coldest so far.  
I love the colors in this one tree
So cold, I did not want to walk.  A perfect day to curl up with a book or project with Max the lap cat keeping me warm.  But, I did not sit.  Instead, we got some grocery shopping done and ate lunch out. A nice day for an outing instead of sitting.  Or maybe napping instead of sitting or shopping because that was a heavy lunch.  Yep, feeling a little sluggish right now.  Okay, back to the photos....
Almost every time we walk by this tree with a bear under it, there is a deer laying nearby.  Of course, the one day I carry my camera around with me, the deer is not there!
We had a great visit with our friends and with his parents.  The parents are full-timers too, so we had a lot in common to talk about.  Our day of visiting went too fast.  I wish we could have spent more time with all four of them.  That just means we will have to hook-up with them again somewhere down the road.

On The Cutting Board
I made the mistake of pulling out my bag of scraps.  I really need to cut down (literally) from a 13 gallon bag of scraps to a 2 gallon bag of scraps.  For three days straight, I have been cutting up scraps into 2-inch squares.  I hate to say that it has not put a dent in the 13 gallon bag of scraps.  Arrrrgh!  Time to look at a pattern for larger pieces so this vanishing act will go faster.  I'll get back to the scraps later...

In the meantime, I finally finished five of the Happy Campers, 
but I want to finish the last mug rug along with....
this wall hanging  before I list them.  It is easier to set up my photo shooting for all of them at one time.  I need to list them all soon.  I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!  Where did the time go?
 Wait, I know where it took the scrappy detour and got lost!
Happy Quilting!  


  1. I love those colored leaves. We have Sweet Gum here too but the leaves never attain the colors I have experienced in the States. Don't even mention stash quantity! With recent gifts, I have no space left to put it. Your happy campers are sure to make a hit.

  2. It's great to meet up with old friends. Glad you had a lovely day. X

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  4. That top photo is SO beautiful. I just love all the fall colors. =0)
    I love the name of your "happy camper" mug rugs! I really like that last wall hanging too.


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