Saturday, October 5, 2013

Walking on Sunshine (Newport, OR)

Gosh, the day almost got away from me.  I guess it is all this sunshine making me think of outdoors and forgetting to post my blog.  We spent the morning watching the sea lions in Newport, did some shopping, and walked the cats.  Where did the day go??

We arrived in Newport with lots of rain.  At least, it wasn't as windy.  Those steep cliffs make me nervous without the help of wind pushing our motorhome around on the narrow highway.
Blue sky!
Anyway.....For the last two days, we have been enjoying blue skies and lots of sunshine!  I think more than one day got away from me.

Isn't this cute?  We saw this little guy up on a pole in front of an RV supply shop.  I had to take a picture.
Half-Pint in Tillamook, OR
On The Cutting Board
Thanks for letting me know which Witch looked better to you.  Knobby Knees won!

Now that we have full hook-ups again, I have pulled out my iron so I can get a few projects done.  I started working on the Witch wall hanging.  I want to make this wall hanging bigger so I used the 'Poster Print 2 x 2' to enlarge my picture.  I thought using the ruler in the print preview would tell me the exact size of the picture, but no, it did not work that way.  The print preview showed the picture to be about 8 x 10 and the printout came out about the size of 12 x 14.  Now I'm wondering why I have a ruler if it isn't accurate.
Oh well...I decided to go with the larger size and taped the four sheets together.  I trimmed the edges down to make it easier to work with during my tracing onto fusible webbing sheets.  That's why it looks crooked in the photo below.
 There she is!  I just love her orange stripe stockings!  I started the stitching last night.  I'm not sure I will have her done in time for Halloween.  I'll give it a good try.
 Back to sewing!  Happy Quilting!


  1. I think this is the cutest Halloween design I've seen. Great job!

  2. That really turned out great. Enjoy that sunshine while you can get it.

  3. Fabulous design and wonderful photos as always xx

  4. So cute! Glad you're enjoying the Oregon coast. I'm almost drove down there myself this past weekend for the Sew Oregon Quilt Shop Hop. I think there are 3 quilt shops along the north coast participating .

    1. Gosh, I did not know they had that going on. Darn, I missed out.


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