Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunshine On My Shoulders (Florence, OR)

We went downtown Florence on two different days.  We walked along the main street and the port.  We stopped often to read each building's sign that gave us a short description of their history.  One building actually slid into the Siuslaw river and was pulled back out by the owner.  The building is still standing and being used today.

We did not see any sea lions, but we did see some birds sitting out while soaking up the sun.  We noticed this Great Blue Heron has been in the same spot both times.  He is sitting on what looks like an old wharf near the town's park.
Go away.  I'm trying to sleep here.
He blends in rather well.  We almost missed him.  While taking its pictures, a motorboat went flying by and this was its reaction to it.
We need a "No Wake Zone!" sign.
In the meantime, the Cormorants were enjoying the sunshine and drying their wings.
That is the old Siuslaw River Bridge that was built by Conde McCullough in 1936.  I am always amazed by all his bridges with the beautiful art deco design and by the fact that they are still being used despite their age.  He built bridges to last more than a lifetime. Of course, the ODOT does a great job of maintaining these beautiful bridges.
oh yea, that feels soooo good

Titanic move over
We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for walking and enjoying the sights.

On The Cutting Board
I'm moving right along on my next custom order.  Of course, it helps that the pattern is already to go from Nancy Halvosen's book.  The snowman is pretty simple.
I straightened out his eyes and he looks pretty good that way.  Maybe I should make more with straight eyes instead of following Nancy's pattern.
The Cupid/Angel looks very stylish with her new hairdo and straightened eyes.  I also did a double layer of peach for the face so the rose bud fabric would not show through her face.  Seems to be working quite well.
I used a crayon to give her a little pink to her cheeks.  After coloring with the crayon, I put muslin over it and heated the area with the iron until I smelled wax.  I read it will fuse to the fabric and not wash out.
Well, time to pull out the sewing machine and get them done.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Those are really cute. I like them without the wonky eyes.
    I always think those cormorants look almost pre-historic.

  2. Lovely shots of the birds! Cormorants stay so still while drying their wings! Cute project too!

  3. Beautiful scenery!!! We really miss the northwest area. I love where we're at, but I see a lot of traveling up there when we're finally retired
    The witch arrived yesterday. The kids love her. They put her in ten spots before they found one they liked!

  4. How amazing about that building that pulled back out! What a lovely sunny day you had.


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