Sunday, October 13, 2013

Progress - Slow (Newport, OR)

Travel day tomorrow.  We are heading south to Florence, OR.  Which will probably be our last stop along the coast before moving inland to Sutherlin for the winter.
 In the meantime, we have been enjoying a few walks on the beach with a little sunshine and very little wind.  Rather a nice change of pace from all the rain we were having for most of September.
All of these photos are from Ona Beach State Park.  A great place to walk during low tide and for watching the waves crash on the rocks.  Below:  Just on the other side of the cliff is the Seal Rock State Recreation Beach area where all the sea lions and seals hang out.  It is also a great birding site.
I found my first sea glass on this beach.  I was hoping to find more, but no such luck.  I did find some interesting cone shaped shells that reminded me of little dancers' skirts.  I collected some driftwood as well.  I think I will use them for my wall hangings.
On The Cutting Board
I have to confess that I am a little disappointed in my progress.  It has been slow going on the Witch wall hanging.  Between sinus headaches from hay fever and taking Claritin which causes me to feel lethargic.....and our busy schedule of walking, taking care of cats, and traveling, the witch's progress has slowed way down.  When I have free time, I don't feel like sewing ...just goofing off on the computer.  Hopefully, I will get back on track within a couple of days.

Okay, enough whining.  Here's what I have done so far.  I added black glass beads as buttons for her shoes.  I also added beads on purple thread to give her broom a little pizzazz.
I know spiders have eight legs, but this little guy just looks better with six legs.  I'm almost done with the quilting.  I might quilt in some bats or a cat as fillers.  I have the binding all ready to sew on.  So, that just leaves making a hanger and a couple of loops.
So, with some luck I hope to have this one done by next Wednesday.  Getting it photographed and listed in time for Halloween on Etsy is another question.  I would really like to have this done and listed in time for someone to order it for Halloween, but I'm not holding my breath.
Happy Quilting!


  1. When they see that, they will want it right away, no matter how close it is to Halloween.

  2. Loved the beach photos so much. And of course your witches are great as well. Curious what camera you use and what lens that is in your facebook profile photo. Looks impressive!

  3. oh, I would like it!! how much you selling it for? I never get time to sew. I'm hoping the winter weather will change that!!


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