Sunday, June 24, 2012

Discovering More UFOs! (Concrete, WA)

On The Cutting Board

I finished the Bunny wall hanging.  I decided to do an echo quilt stitch.  This seemed to have straightened out the little ripples.  The kit included the green polka dot fabric for the binding, but I think my golden brown works better.

 I made the sleeve a little too long and I almost sewed the end into the binding.  I'll have to be more careful with measuring and make it a little looser.  I'll probably use an old wire clothes hanger so it doesn't bulk up when it is hanging.

Added a little rouge to the bunnies' cheeks and it was done!  All right!  One project done and two dozen UFOs to go...whew!
Project 1
I found the appliqué pattern of Sunbonnet Baby (female) in an old library book.  I wanted a boy to match Sunbonnet Baby, so I designed this little guy below.  I just love their little bellies!

Speaking of unfinished projects, I found two more UFOs in the bin while digging through my stash.  Uh oh!  I forgot I had these.  I really hate forgetting about my projects.  
Project 2
Well, I think I might combined these two into one scrappy quilt. 

Here's a few more photos from around the area....Enjoy!
New and fresh looking helicopter seeds
It's all about location
Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi Sandy! The photos are great :o) I live in Oregon but miss NW Washington (Bellingham) so much! Two of my furchildren help by watching from the hallway, the other watches from my cutting table. Glad to have found your blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by SpartanBabe! I love this area. We are moving to Birch Bay for 3 weeks then back to La Conner for another 2 weeks before we head down the Oregon coast.

      Isn't funny how our furbabies supervise and help us during our projects?

    2. Speaking of furbabies....I actually have a waterbaby, a little betta fish that hangs out on the side of the tank wherever I happen to be in the room, watching my every move. He get's all excited and does a little wiggle dance if I even glance his way. :)

    3. That is so cute! I would love to see his little wiggle dance!

  2. Love how the bunny wall hanging turned out. Super cute!

    That photo of the bird house on the tree is very enchanting, almost like a wee folk or fairy cottage. That is the perfect tree for it too!

    1. Thanks Ugly Barn Farm! I thought the same thing when I saw the bird house perched in the enchanted tree.

  3. Love the bunny, how absolutely adorable!! And love teh 30s fabric. I'm working on a small wallhanging with American Revolution fabrics and hope to work on my Civil War wallhanging and then do a small 30s wallhanging. I hope to place them on a wall with all of my photos of ancestors and eventually a printout of my genealogy research.

  4. Oh the bunnies are so cute! I love the hat, everything. I also love sunbonets.


    1. Thanks Sandra! I fell in love with the bunnies as soon as I saw them in the quilt shop!


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