Friday, June 8, 2012

4Squares and 365Project (Spokane, WA)

Okay, I sewed the blocks together.  Then, I did a quick hunt through my stash and found some tiny hearts on white background that I feel will match well enough.  I added the hearts w/white background border to the blocks first.  Just to break it up a little..
I decided to try something different for a border.  I sewed a 1.5 inch strip to the extra squares and alternated the squares.
Pieced them together and Ta Da!  I'm so surprised at how well this came out considering a week ago I had not known these 4 inch squares were still traveling around with me.

I still have a few squares left so I'm going to add some appliqué hearts.  
Yep, I just can't leave a quilt without some kind of appliqué work on it.

Project 365 ~ 1 Year!
Yesterday was my last day for 365Project.  It is a relief.  I no longer have to scramble for a photo each day, but I have to admit that I have learned a lot in one year of daily photos.  
Dusty the great hunter

The first being - never leave home without the camera.  Even when I just plan on a short trip to the grocery store, the camera was with me.  I became more aware of my surroundings especially behind me.
Tiny wildflowers
I learned a lot about my camera and what it is capable of doing.........oh, so that's what that button is for!

Hitch surveying his new found kingdom
Since I carry a large DSLR camera, I would feel very self-conscience about taking photos in unusual areas.  I learned to ignore the strange looks while taking photos in Lowe's parking lot, kneeling in outdoor plaza areas, shopping in stores, or waiting in restaurants. 
Lemon Yellow Starburst
I also learned to response to people's comments.
  "Wow!  That's a big camera!"  ~Great upper body strength builder.
       "That camera looks expensive."  ~And it is worth every penny because I love the results this camera gives me. 
Parting shot #365  Hugs from Max!
I plan to continue with 365Project, but not right away.  I need a break plus we are heading into the Northern Cascades on Sunday and I probably will not have WiFi for almost a week.
Happy Trails!


  1. Your quilt is so fun and colorful! I love the hearts, too.

    Beautiful photos as always. I love the macro flower detail.

    What kind of DSLR do you have? I am in the market for one within the next year.

  2. Loved what you did with the border squares! Loves unique and lovely

  3. That quilt is so cute and creative and your pictures are always a treat. I will be off to Scout camp next week so no internet even if I could find a current bush.

  4. I LOVE the border idea! It makes the quilt so special!


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