Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bunny Wall Hanging (Spokane, WA)

I was so excited about my little wall hanging kit that I decided to start working on it this week.  I'm glad I took inventory because I was missing an 8x12 brown background piece.  
I had two greens, but no brown.  Hmm, not a good start to my new project. 
I double checked the material included list...
No, nothing specific here.  So, I looked at the materials needed.....nothing saying I needed to provide the brown fabric.
Lucky for me, I have a small amount of golden brown floral print that I feel is a perfect match. 
So, after that first bump, things were moving along well.  I traced out the bunnies on double-sided fusible bonding.  Ironed it onto the appropriate fabric.  Cut them out.  Sewed the background together.  Ironed the bunnies together using my appliqué pressing sheet for correct placement.  I did not take a photo, but here's one from a past post if you would like to see the technique.  And I  placed the cut pieces on top.  Hmmm....the ears seem a little big... 
so I compared them to the pattern.  Yep, correct size.  

I don't know how I could have made them bigger since I traced them from the pattern, but you never know with me.  Looked at the picture to make sure I was placing the ears in the correct position. 

Measured the background to make sure it was the correct size.  That was correct - 10x16.5 inches.  

I tried to moving the ears more upright with the thought that the tips would be on the background.  No go.  Plus the ears made from batting is fused to the back of the hat.  When I tried to move the ears, the batting started pulling apart.  

Okay!  Back to the drawing board.  Should I make the background bigger? and tell you the truth, I liked the ears hanging off the background.  I decided to fuse some of the brown floral fabric to the back of each ear and I will embroider the edges together.  I think that will work just fine.
Well, back to my project....    Happy Quilting!


  1. A pattern that gives different results than what you bought it for??? That is just plain wierd. Good thing you are plenty creative.

  2. I agree, the ears hanging off are adorable. I'm not a sewer or quilter but I think this will be wonderful.


    1. Thanks Ruth! I'm determined to get this wall hanging done.

  3. Very cute!! I have been doing lots of sewing and I hope to post some photos in the next few days!

  4. Hello Sandy!! Great work!I'm very far from making it.



    1. Hello Sandra, Are you making the bunny wall hanging? I would love to see it when you are finished.


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